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CNC Machining of Aluminum Alloy Shell

CNC Processing of Tin-Cobalt Alloy for Aluminum Alloy Shell

Tin-cobalt alloy electroplating and cobalt electroplating are similar in tone, but softer and more popular. At present, chromium is mostly used to replace chromium abroad. Electroplating cobalt is not easy for barrel plating, while electroplating tin-cobalt alloy can be used for barrel plating of small parts. In addition, tin-cobalt alloy electroplating has excellent uniform plating ability and barrel plating ability, so it can be applied to workpieces with complex shapes. If double nickel is plated on the bottom layer, its corrosion resistance is no less than that of chromium plating. In order to prevent surface discoloration, chromate impregnation is used to treat the surface, which can also improve its corrosion resistance.

Its appearance is pale rose tone, making people feel very comfortable, and has excellent corrosion resistance. Lustrous

Substrate or bright nickel plating, followed by tin-nickel alloy plating, can get a good glossy surface. If electroplating on the dull surface (pear grain), the original condition of the surface can be reproduced. The plating ability of the electroplating layer is very excellent, almost no leveling effect, so it is suitable for plating products requiring very fine lines and rotary processing.

CNC Turning: retaining customers is the driving force for enterprises to adhere to

CNC lathe processing: retaining customers is the driving force for enterprises to adhere to! The cost of accessing traffic on the Internet is getting higher and higher. Every click is precious, and retaining existing customers is becoming more and more important.

What can be done to effectively retain customers when making inquiries?

I. Attracting Buyers’Eyes with Products

1. Product pictures make buyers want to see: more product information in Alibaba is conveyed to buyers through pictures. The first step for customers to trust our products is to start with the first picture.

The first thing that attracts customers is the picture of the product itself. The second one is the introduction of your product. The product introduction should be concise and concise, and then highlight the advantages of the product. Let people see the characteristics of the product at a glance and attract it.

2. Retain your buyers with services

Service attitude is good or not, mainly depends on whether you have patience, some buyers ask very detailed, and some also like to ask questions one by one, regardless of whether you buy or not to understand, meet such buyers, we must patiently answer, not love to ignore, such buyers even if they do not buy now, will generally come to buy in the future. Your product is a very important potential customer. If he is satisfied with your attitude, he usually comes to your shop first when he needs this kind of product.

3. After the buyer receives the goods, remember how the customers feel about the products

1. It seems that you attach importance to customer care and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Be knowledgeable about your products and collect customers’suggestions.

4. After-sales service to retain repeat customers

It’s much easier to retain an old customer than to launch a new one. Generally speaking, if the buyer feels that your goods are good, he will not want to change the seller again. In addition, your service attitude is first-rate, so he needn’t worry about your customers going shopping elsewhere. To do a good after-sales service is to deliver goods to the buyer in time after the buyer has paid the money. We also need to check the package’s “itinerary” after delivery. Don’t wait until the seller asks why the goods haven’t arrived. Don’t let the buyer worry! If the buyer is not satisfied with the goods, we should be brave enough to assume responsibility, exchange the goods for the buyer and return the goods. We should reassure the buyer and satisfy the buyer. Only in this way can we welcome the buyer to continue shopping. Many people like a store. If they can approve of what they have bought in this store, most of them will collect it. As a seller, we must have a good relationship with the buyers we have exchanged with. Maybe these buyers’friends, or friends of friends, are your next customers!

Which industries are shock absorber for springs suitable

Vibration screen is an important part of the motor, box, shock absorber spring.

As an important part of the shaker, the shock absorber spring of the shaker plays an important role in the design of the shaker. The shock absorber spring on the shaker can be made of different materials according to different vibration screening.

Vibration absorber spring is a common elastic element, which is widely used in various vibration equipment. It has the advantages of good stability, low noise, good vibration isolation effect and long service life.

Common shock absorber springs are steel wire compression spring, rubber spring and composite spring.

The following is a detailed description of the matters needing attention in the design of the spring of the vibrating screen:

1. The suitable rubber material should be selected according to the sieving material, environment and conditions, as well as the specific gravity and static electricity of the material itself.
2. Attention must be paid to the bonding degree between rubber and metal to avoid stress concentration at the bonding surface.

For shear deformation isolators, in order to improve their service life, proper pre-compression is usually given in the vertical shear direction, and the stiffness in the compression direction becomes harder and the stiffness in the shear direction becomes softer.

4. If there is resistance, energy must be consumed. This part of lost energy is converted into heat energy. Rubber is a bad conductor of heat. In order to prevent excessive temperature rise from affecting the performance of rubber isolators, rubber isolators should not be too large. Structurally, measures should be taken that are easy to dissipate heat, or natural rubber materials with less heat generation should be selected. Because rubber isolator can convert part of energy into heat energy, reduce vibration energy and achieve the purpose of vibration reduction, so rubber isolator is often called shock absorber.

5. Maintain and replace the shock absorber spring regularly. The isolator should avoid working in tension for a long time.

Introduction of die castings

Die-casting is a kind of die-casting parts. It is a mechanical die-casting machine equipped with casting moulds. It pours liquid copper, zinc, aluminium or aluminium alloy into the feed port of the die-casting machine. Through die-casting of the die-casting machine, copper, zinc, aluminium or aluminium alloy parts with limited shape and size of the mould are cast. Sample parts are usually called die castings. Die castings have different names in different places, such as die-casting parts, pressure castings, die-casting parts, die-casting aluminum, die-casting zinc, die-casting copper, copper die-casting parts, zinc die-casting parts, aluminum die-casting parts, aluminum die-casting alloy castings, aluminum alloy die-casting parts and so on.

Introduction and Types of Die Processing

Mold Making refers to the processing of forming and blanking tools, in addition to shearing and die-cutting dies. Usually, the die consists of upper and lower die. The steel plate is placed between the upper and lower dies to form the material under the action of the press. When the press is opened, the workpiece determined by the shape of the die will be obtained or the corresponding waste will be removed. Workpieces as small as electronic connectors and as large as automotive dashboards can be molded. Progressive die refers to a set of dies which can automatically move the workpiece from one position to another and get the forming part at the last position. Die processing technology includes: cutting die, blank die, compound die, extrusion die, four slideway die, progressive die, stamping die, die cutting die and so on.


1. Metal Stamping Die: Continuous Die, Single Die, Composite Die, Drawing Die

2. Plastic Molding Mold: Injection Mold, Extrusion Mold, Absorption Mold

3. die casting mold

4. forging die

5. powder metallurgy mold

6. rubber mold

Working Process of CNC Device of NC Machine Tool

CNC numerical control device is supported by hardware, and its control process is completed by software. The following describes the working process of CNC device from eight links: input, decoding, data processing, interpolation, position control, input/output processing, display and diagnosis.

1 input

The parts program, control parameters and compensation data are input to CNC device. Common input modes include keyboard manual input (MDI), memory card input, disk input, serial communication interface RS-232 input, DNC input connected to the upper computer and network communication input.

2 decoding processing

The part processing program is processed by the decoding processing program in the unit of Block. Each program segment consists of several codes. The computer recognizes these codes by decoding program and translates them into data formats (such as binary format) which CNC device can recognize according to certain rules, and stores them in memory (decoding result buffer).

3 data processing

The task of data processing program is to process the data stored in the established storage area after pretreatment. Data processing generally includes tool position compensation, tool length compensation, tool radius compensation, tool tip arc radius compensation, feed speed processing and auxiliary function processing.

4 interpolation operation

Interpolation operation and position control are real-time control of CNC system, which are usually carried out in corresponding interrupt service programs.

5 position control

The task of position control is to compare the theoretical position calculated by interpolation with the actual feedback position of the worktable in each sampling period, control the feed motor according to its difference, drive the worktable or tool to move, and process the required parts.

6 input / output processing

Input/output processing mainly deals with the switching signal of CNC device operation panel and the input/output control of machine tool electrical signal (such as tool changing, gear shifting, cooling, etc.). CNC devices and machine tools must be separated by photoelectric isolation circuit to ensure that CNC devices are not affected by strong electrical signals.

7 display

The display of CNC device is mainly to provide convenience for operators. The display contents include parts program display, parameter display, machine tool status display, dynamic display of processing trajectory, alarm diagnosis display, etc.

8 diagnosis

CNC device uses internal self-diagnostic program to diagnose faults, mainly including start-up diagnosis and online diagnosis.

Function of radiator

With the change of modern home life style, radiator heating has been recognized by most families. Radiator heating is not only efficient and comfortable, but also very in line with the living and working habits of modern people, so more and more people begin to choose radiator heating. In order to achieve better heating effect, some factors should be considered in the selection of radiator, and the quality of radiator should be considered comprehensively from many aspects.

Choose trustworthy heating company: Choose a home platform that consumers are satisfied or after-sales service is trustworthy. Through the experience of one-stop marketing mode, the company will transparent the price of radiator, and transfer the purchase mode to the customer experience, which is more real, more reassuring and more reassuring. The safety performance of radiator is the most important: there are many factors related to the safety performance, among which the working pressure of radiator is very important. Many radiators at home and abroad use bar as a unit. Most of the working pressure is above 10 bar. One bar can withstand the pressure equivalent to 10 m water column, and 10 bar is 100 m water column pressure. For the majority of users, the radiator of 10 bar or more should be a reasonable choice. Three comparisons of goods: three comparisons of goods, the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, selection: when selecting the type, they should understand the import and export water temperature, requirements of room temperature, room heat load, window sill height and width, their own heating system is Octopus system or double pipe system, etc. Factor. That is to say, the heat dissipation of the radiator should be equal to the heat load of the room in order to meet our own heating requirements. Therefore, according to the heat load value obtained corresponding to the selection table of the merchants, the corresponding model of the radiator can be found.

Style selection: plate or column radiator. For small space, such as bathroom, you can choose the column radiator, because it uses wall-mounted type, can save indoor space; on the column can also hang towels or bake small clothes; for larger rooms, it is recommended to buy a higher column radiator. Look at the manufacturer: Does the manufacturer have years of experience in heating equipment production and whether the products meet the national standards? See after-sales service: can provide good after-sales service, whether there is a professional plumbing measurement and installation team. The concept should be correct: heat dissipation has no practical relationship with the size of the inlet and outlet pipes, mainly depends on the flow rate of water in the heater, as long as the flow rate can meet the standard, the heat dissipation will also be guaranteed. It is wrong to think that the size of the inlet and outlet of the heating pipe is large and the heat dissipation performance is good. Clear contract: The name, specification, material, quantity, price, amount and acceptance standard of radiator must be specified in the contract. In addition, we also need to know the name, address, contact person and telephone number of heating company, so that quality problems can be solved in time. If the above nine items are achieved, it will not be difficult to choose the radiator. The choice of radiator is only a part of the radiator heating system. In fact, when installing and using radiators, there are many places worth noticing. This requires us to find a strong, technical and perfect after-sales service heating company. Usually when using radiator heating, we also need to maintain and clean frequently. Only in this way can the radiator maintain efficient operation and prolong its service life.

Performance parameters of flexible Cast Iron Drainpipe

Compared with other metal pipes and plastic pipes, cast iron drainage pipes have some unique advantages, such as high strength, low noise, long life, fire retardant, flexible anti-seismic, non-secondary pollution, renewable recycling and so on.

1. Low noise, high intensity and long life

The flow of drainage pipe is not full and gravity flow. Noise caused by friction, shock and vibration is unavoidable.

Graphite in cast iron can buffer vibration energy, prevent the transfer of vibration energy between grains, and convert vibration energy into heat energy. So cast iron pipes have good shock absorption and noise reduction. The test data show that the noise value of cast iron pipe is 46.5 dB and that of U-PVC pipe is 58 dB when the flow rate of DN100 pipe is 2.7 L/s. Therefore, cast iron drainage pipe should be selected in quiet residential buildings, schools, hospitals, meeting places and hotels.

The tensile and bending strength of cast iron is four times that of common plastic pipe PVC.

The matrix structure of cast iron has small potential difference, small electrochemical effect and high silicon content, which can form a continuous SIO 2 protective film on the surface. Therefore, its corrosion resistance is much higher than that of steel. In the same environment and medium, the corrosion resistance of cast iron is more than three times that of steel.

Cast iron drainage pipes have excellent corrosion resistance and strength characteristics, which make their service life much longer than steel pipes and plastic pipes.

2, flexible anti-seismic

The linear expansion coefficient of cast iron is relatively low, so it has little expansion due to the influence of ambient temperature. At the same time, the flexible joint structure of cast iron drainage pipe has high flexibility, flexural deformation and seismic resistance. The joint of the system has no leakage within 35 mm in axial deformation and 31.5 mm in transverse vibration flexure.

3. High Temperature Resistance, Flame Retardant and Fire Protection

Drainage pipes have the characteristics of penetrating and connecting all floors and rooms. Once a fire occurs, if the drainage pipes are easy to melt and have poor flame retardancy, the smoke stove effect will be formed when they melt and burst quickly. The fire retardant and high melting point of cast iron pipe have good fire retardant property.

4. No secondary pollution, renewable recycling

Cast iron material itself does not contain chemical toxins, and will not cause secondary pollution to pollution and wastewater. When the construction or drainage pipeline is removed at premium, cast iron drainage pipe can be 100% recycled and recycled.

Application of Metal Stamping Parts

Application Field of Hardware Stamping Parts

(1) stamping in automobile industry. Deep drawing is the main method. In our country, this part is mainly concentrated in automobile factory, tractor factory, aircraft manufacturer and other large factories, and there are few independent large-scale stamping and drawing plants.

(2) stamping of parts and components in automobile and other industries. It is mainly formed by punching and shearing. Many enterprises in this sector belong to scale parts factories, and some independent stamping factories. At present, there are many such small factories near some automobile factories or tractor factories.

(3) Electrical parts stamping plant. This kind of factory is a new industry, which develops with the development of electrical appliances. It mainly concentrates in the south.

(4) Stamping plant for daily necessities. Make some crafts, tableware, etc. These factories have also made great progress in recent years.

(5) Stamping Plant for Household Appliance Parts. These factories are in our country after the development of household appliances, most of them are distributed in household appliances enterprises.

(6) Special stamping enterprises. For example, stamping of aviation parts belongs to this kind of enterprise, but these craft factories also belong to some large factories.

Purification method of plasma purifier

The plasma waste gas purifier is a dry treatment equipment for organic waste gas, which adopts the unique adsorption-decomposition-carbonization centrifugal exhaust installation technology design, and adopts the advantages of standard module design. It has changed the process technology of using activated carbon materials, no need to regenerate raw materials, no need to be responsible for, no secondary pollution, easy to replace and maintain.

Cryogenic plasma is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous state. When the applied voltage reaches the discharge voltage of gas, the gas is broken down, resulting in a mixture of electrons, ions, atoms and free radicals. Although the electron temperature is very high in the discharge process, the temperature of heavy particles is very low, and the whole system presents a low temperature state, so it is called low temperature plasma. Low-temperature plasma degradation of pollutants is to use these high-energy electrons, free radicals and other active particles and pollutants in waste gas to decompose pollutant molecules in a very short time, and subsequent reactions to achieve the purpose of degradation of pollutants. In general, gas discharge will produce plasma, and this discharge phenomenon is to separate one or more electrons from the gas principle or molecule through some mechanism to form a gas medium, which is called ionized gas. If the ionized gas is produced by the external electric field, the conduction current will be formed, and this phenomenon will occur. It is called gas discharge. The technology of this purification equipment is the latest principle of industrial waste gas treatment.