Monthly Archive July 1, 2020

What’s the reason why the hardware factory didn’t order

1. Weak technical foundation

Most of the hardware processing plants without order information have no technical ability to talk about. They only produce and process some simple metal stamping parts, such as sheet metal bending, blanking, hole opening, etc.

2. The working capacity of supporting facilities is limited

Now there is no way to see the simple metal stamping parts in the sales market. The common products are made by the combination of stamping die, welding, riveting, machining and other processing technologies, and the metal surface treatment must be carried out. If there is no relevant mutual cooperation, only do stamping die, the sales market has been greatly limited!

3. Single marketing channel

There are a lot of small and medium-sized hardware processing factories, and there are only a few or even no professional salesmen in the market. They are all complacent, just a lot of old customers. This makes their own processing plant in a very big risk

4. Lack of brand effect

Nowadays, no matter what kind of goods, the added value is all famous brands of commodities. If a company produces and processes small spare parts for others and does not have its own famous brand, it will not be able to stand on the sales market in the future.


How to deal with the hardware factory without a single?

1. First you can ensure the quality of the goods, and then the price should be valid.

2. There must be a certain way. That is to say, with your long-term purchase of customers, such as decoration companies, hardware stores, kitchen cabinet stores, such as the boss or logistics management, in a word, it works. Invite them to dinner, give gifts and red envelopes on time, and have a good relationship with them, so as to ensure the basic operation of the factory.

3. Always observe the changes in the sales market, accurately identify the sales market, and ensure that their products can not fall behind the sales market or be too excellent.