Monthly Archive October 28, 2022

The difference between cnc and computer gongs

General CNC machining generally refers to precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining boring milling machine, etc.  

It can be seen that the relationship between computer gongs and CNC is very close. Computer gongs and CNC are actually the same thing, both called CNC machine tools, but different people in different places call them different. Numerical control machine tools, even if they adopt numerical control technology, or are equipped with numerical control systems. In terms of application, CNC machine tools are used to represent various operations (such as spindle speed change, loose workpiece, feed and withdraw, start and stop, tool selection, cutting fluid supply, etc.) and steps required in the processing process, as well as the relative displacement between tools and workpieces with digital codes. Digital information is sent to a special or general computer through the control medium, and the computer processes and calculates the input information, Sending various commands to control the servo system or other executive components of the machine tool is the way for the machine tool to automatically process the required parts.  

NC machining is an advanced machining technology in today’s mechanical manufacturing, and it is an automatic machining method with high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility. It inputs the NC program of the workpiece to the machine tool, and under the control of these data, the machine tool automatically processes the workpiece that meets people’s wishes to create beautiful products. Numerical control processing technology can effectively solve such complex, precise and small batch changeable processing problems as molds, and fully meet the needs of modern production.