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Classification of RC model vehicles

Like real cars, RC model cars will be divided into many types according to speed, climbing ability and off-road performance. Here we mainly introduce two types of model cars, off-road model cars and peace cars

Running a model car;

Type I off-road model vehicle

The commonly seen models in China can be roughly divided into: Baja, short haul truck, desert truck, racing truck, Bigfoot, competitive off-road vehicle and climbing vehicle;

Baja model

The Baja model car is characterized by simplicity, firmness and violence. The word “Baja” comes from an off-road vehicle race across the BAHA desert in Mexico. The Baja model car was first developed by HPI in the United States. Among them, HPI Baja 5B car opened the era of 1:5 gasoline car. Most of the Baja models are 2WD. The Baja 5B looks beautiful and rough;

Short haul truck

RC short course truck (RC short course truck), also known as remote-controlled field truck, is referred to as “short truck”. Compared with the Bigfoot truck, the short truck has small ground clearance, short suspension travel and small tires, and its trafficability is not as good as that of the Bigfoot truck. However, on the cross-country racing track, it can perform well, with faster speed, lighter body, flexible control and relatively low maintenance cost;


The full name of the Bigfoot is RC monster truck. Although the speed and handling of the Bigfoot on the cross-country race track are not as good as the short truck and Baja models, don’t underestimate the speed of the Bigfoot. It can be completed within 3 seconds after accelerating 0-75km / h, which is worthy of the name of “monster truck”;

Competitive off-road vehicle

Competitive off-road vehicle is actually a model designed separately from RC model vehicle. At the beginning of its design, in addition to off-road performance, another design feature is that under reasonable control, the body can land relatively smoothly and undamaged in the state of high-altitude leap. Many players specially use competitive off-road vehicles to perform extreme high-altitude leap stunts;

Racing truck

The racing truck evolved from the competitive off-road vehicle. The most intuitive description of the racing truck is the big spider truck lying on the ground and moving quickly. Under the condition of high speed, the body of the racing truck will rise higher than the tire height with the speed, so as to maintain a better driving attitude and trafficability;

Climbing car

RC crawler is not famous for racing, but mainly for conquering rugged and dangerous road conditions;

Desert truck

Desert trucks are similar to short haul trucks. Their chassis is generally modified from traditional off-road vehicles;

The second type of flat running model car

The biggest difference between the flat running model vehicle and the off-road model vehicle lies in the different requirements on the road conditions. The flat running has strict requirements on the road conditions, because the flat running needs speed or continuous drift action, while the off-road has little requirements on the road conditions. The more complex the road conditions are, the more wild the flavor can be played;

Level running model cars are generally divided into three types: Racing level running, drift and street car;

Racing flat sports car

If you are a radical who has a serious obsession with acceleration performance, you can choose this kind of model. In order to achieve amazing speed, the requirements of racing flat running on the road are relatively harsh. Another feature is the design of car shell. Most of the simulated car shell of racing flat running of model manufacturers must be authorized by major automobile manufacturers, so the simulation degree of general racing flat sports car will be relatively high;

Drift vehicle

Drifting RC car (drifting RC car), for short, beginners can immediately experience the pleasure of driving a racing car drifting by Fujiwara Tuohai in the first character d with a little practice, but the drifting car is also the most technical and difficult in RC. It takes a lot of practice to complete accurate drifting and turning;


Street cars, as the name suggests, can run on ordinary roads, but their ability to adapt to the road can not be compared with cross-country models. After all, the suspension and chassis design of street cars are more biased to the need of speed;


What is RC Car?

RC car (RC = remote control) is a miniaturized version of all kinds of real racing cars. It has the same mechanical principle as the real car, similar structure and handling characteristics, and the amazing speed that makes super sports cars feel inferior! Take one eighth of the level road remote-controlled cars, for example, which can accelerate from standstill to 100km / h in 1.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 160km / h. This performance is equal to that of the world’s most technologically advanced formula one racing cars, and makes all super sports cars blush. The reason why remote control model is considered as “hobby” rather than “toys” is that the remote control model requires players to have certain knowledge and technology, which is fundamentally different from toys that can be bought and played. Players can not only have fun in the operation of the model, but also constantly learn new knowledge in the model, exercise thinking ability and practical ability. Therefore, remote control model is definitely a hobby beneficial to the body and mind. Although driving a remote control model car can not control the steering wheel in the car, it can only control the car through the wireless remote control, but in fact, the pleasure obtained through the eyes is no less than that In the real car, because you can enjoy the lightning speed and strong ability to cross the corner. If speed is not your pursuit, you can choose a remote control vehicle with high fidelity or various interesting functions, such as watching several unreal container trucks walking, driving a jumbo to conquer rugged roads, and driving an AE86 drift remote control model car to deliver bean curd by Tuohai, who plays the first character D, is also a fun remote control enjoyment.

What is RC Car

Remote control model vehicles can be divided into two categories according to the power source. The first category is “EPRC car” driven by battery / electric motor, and the second is “GP RC car” with internal combustion engine as power output. According to the proportion, there are 1 / 28, 1 / 18, 1 / 10, 1 / 8 and 1 / 5. For example, 1 / 10 is about one tenth of the size of the real car. At present, there are 1 / 10 electric saloon cars, 1 / 10 oil powered saloon cars, 1 / 8 large foot trucks and 1 / 8 oil powered off-road vehicles. In the future, we will make an in-depth introduction to each type of vehicles. You can choose your favorite remote control model car according to the characteristics of each vehicle type, so that we can realize the model dream together.

The product of high technology

Remote control model car can be said to be a product of high technology, widely used in many advanced materials and technologies, such as carbon fiber, titanium alloy, aviation aluminum, in the remote control vehicle are very common parts materials. Moreover, the latest electrical / electronic technology and digital technology have been applied to remote control vehicles for the first time.

Drive for RC Car

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RC remote control vehicle frame

RC is the abbreviation of radio control. It is not a very popular sport either at home or abroad. Why do you say that? RC is really a sport that requires a lot of time and money. Therefore, those who have money foundation do not necessarily have the time, and those who have time do not necessarily have the money to play RC remote control model car entry – Adult remote control toys.

A complete set of RC includes the following parts (this article only takes the remote control vehicle as an example) firstly, the frame, the remote control system, the power and steering system, and finally some auxiliary materials such as tools and oil products.

The foundation of RC is the frame. Different types of RC models will have different types of frames. The figure above shows a flat road sports car, referred to as level running. Other categories include off-road vehicles, short-distance trucks, big foot trucks, climbing cars, F1, drift cars, etc. due to the different transmission structures, they can also be divided into belt drive and shaft drive. The above figure shows belt driven motor car. The frame can also be divided according to the proportion: 1:16 1:14 1:12 1:10 1:8, 1:5 and so on. Generally speaking, those below 1:20 are collectively referred to as mosquito vehicles, and the most popular ones are 1:10 and 1:8.

In fact, the biggest difference between RC and other remote-control toy cars is the frame. The RC frame can be adjusted from the height of the car to the inclination of the tire, the tightness of the transmission device, and the height of the shock absorbers. This is to adapt to different remote control methods and the needs of different venues. This is also one of the fun of RC. Even if the same frame is in the hands of different people, there will be different settings and different motion characteristics because of the manipulation.

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RC Driver Cup/Shaft

Our factory specializes in RC Driver Cup/Shaft by CNC machining.

Drive shaft description

Working conditions

The driving shaft is subjected to, torsion, shear, tension, compression, impact and other alternating stresses, which can also cause the torsional and bending vibration of the drive shaft and generate additional stress; the stress distribution is uneven; there is sliding friction between the drive shaft journal and the bearing.

performance requirement

The main failure modes of drive shaft are fatigue fracture and serious wear of journal. Therefore, the material should have high strength, certain impact toughness, enough bending and torsion fatigue strength and stiffness, and the journal surface should have high hardness and wear resistance.

Drive shaft material

Forged steel drive shaft: high quality medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, such as 40, 45, 35Mn2, 40Cr, 45Cr, 35CrMo steel, etc;

Material selection

This kind of material is medium carbon alloy steel, which can be improved by quenching and tempering (or normalizing) heat treatment. In recent years, a new kind of steel, namely alloy quenched and tempered steel, has been widely used in high-power engines. The grain size is refined by adding alloy elements such as Si, Cu and Ti, strengthening the steel matrix and improving the strength of the steel.