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Machining accuracy of CNC computer gong

In the machining industry, there are often high-precision machining of mechanical parts, which should be completed by selecting suitable machine tools and equipment. Let’s take a look at the machining accuracy of high-speed CNC computer gongs?

CNC computer gong is actually CNC machining center, which is an automatic machine tool controlled by program. The control system can logically process the program with control code or other symbolic instructions, decode it through the computer, so as to enable the machine tool to perform the specified action, and process the raw materials into semi-finished products or finished mechanical parts through tool cutting. CNC machining is completely controlled by computer and completed by process programming according to the drawing of mechanical parts. CNC machine tool itself has high precision. Generally, the spindle speed is 8000 / r.p.m, the spindle of high-speed machine can reach 10000-15000 / r.p.m, the part plane precision can reach 0.002-0.005mm, and the hole precision can be controlled between 0.003-0.005mm. In case of complex machining of mechanical parts, different process methods are selected to complete the machining accuracy.

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Principle of Natural Color Anodizing of aluminum

In the machining process of mechanical equipment parts, the surface treatment processes of metal aluminum parts often include black anode, sand blasting oxidation, wire drawing oxidation, natural color anode oxidation and hard white oxidation. These treatments are to make the parts achieve the corresponding effect. Let’s take a look at the principle of natural color anodizing in the surface treatment of mechanical parts

The meaning of Natural Color Anodizing of aluminum for mechanical parts is: the color of aluminum after electrolysis after alkali corrosion. In fact, the thickness of aluminum film determines the color. Generally, the electrolysis time is 10 minutes, the voltage is 12F and the temperature is 24D. It is found that the composition of aluminum material changes, and the oxidized film should be between 10mu-15mu. This treatment is called natural color anodizing of aluminum. The function of Natural Color Anodizing not only increases the hardness of the part surface, prolongs the service life of the part, but also improves the appearance of the part.

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S136 does the material prevent rust after heat treatment?

In metal material processing, customers often choose sus303, SUS304 and other stainless steel materials to process spare parts. In order to prevent the influence of rust on spare parts, help life is used, which is a direct method. However, it is not important to prevent rusting effect when processing some equipment spare parts, but also have a certain hardness. How to choose materials! One of the most suitable materials in S136 is that it can reach hardness after heat treatment and is not easy to rust for a long time.

S136 material is also a common kind of mechanical equipment parts. As long as it reaches the specified temperature during heat treatment, other surface treatment can also prevent rust, because the material of S136 is different from that of other materials, and the material can not be rusted after heat treatment. Therefore, S136 material can prevent rust after heat treatment!

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