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Working use of sludge treatment equipment

Sludge treatment equipment sludge dryer is a low fuel consumption and high efficiency drying equipment. The equipment adopts a downstream drying process, especially suitable for fast drying of high moisture sludge that needs to preserve nutrients. Main application: the machine is compact in structure, easy to install and debug, and occupies a small area. The drum and the crushing device are stepless speed regulation, which can meet the drying requirements of different materials. The machine can be used in conjunction with heat sources which use different fuels, such as coal, heavy oil and natural gas. This machine is suitable for the materials such as beer distiller’s grains, starch grains, rice bran grains, and various slag materials such as bean dregs, sugar residue, fruit residue, sauce residue, and high wet materials such as livestock and poultry manure and mud peat.

What kind of master map is a compliance?

1. the main picture must be photographed in real form and not less than 3, and each picture is a square picture with pixels greater than or equal to 750*750.
2. no watermark can be found except the brand LOGO on the main picture, and no form of border, blank, watermark can be found.
It is not allowed to include sales promotion, exaggerated description, contact details, etc.
The description includes, but is not limited to, spike, time discounts, postal packages, * discount, full * * * and so on.
The 3. part of the industry’s background color for the main picture must be a solid background map.

When the CNC machine tools in our country will not match the foreign knives

efore reading, read “why do men not take Wu hook, directly take fifty states in Guan Shan”, always feel high spirited. Wu hook is a bronze scimitar made by Wu in the spring and Autumn period. Just imagine, if we were talking about “why do men not bring foreign knife”, the taste changed, not only unorthodox, but also not prestige. So the Chinese still have to match their own knives.

But since the author has entered the machine tool industry, a variety of items, from the upper to the flying aerospace enterprises, to the land line of the car enterprises, are “ocean knife edge array in the front”, large enterprises, small enterprises, all the import tools as baby. People have to sigh: when will domestic machine tools no longer match with foreign knives?

All along, cutting tools have the reputation of “industrial teeth”. The performance and quality of cutting tools can directly affect the production efficiency and machining quality of cutting machines. It is no exaggeration to say that no good machine tool can produce good products without high-quality tools. Therefore, although the tool is small, it has a great effect.

However, from the present situation, the gap between the domestic CNC cutting tools and the imported tools in technology, service, quality and publicity, as well as the low trust degree of domestic customers to domestic CNC cutting tools, has led to a large number of domestic tool market in the country.

The five major foreign cutting tool factions are active in the Chinese market: one is the Santak Department (including mountain high), and the company has a large and complex branch of cutting tool, which has the largest sales volume in the Chinese market; the two is the American Department, which is mainly represented by Kenna, Ingersoll and WAN NAT; and the three is the European Department, which is mainly Germany, including MAP AL, Guehring, Widia, TITEX, Walter and so on; four is Japan and South Korea, including MITSUBISHI, Sumitomo, Toshiba, OSG, Dai Jie, no two, Hitachi and so on, as well as South Korea’s Taegutec, KORLOY company; the five is the Israeli department, mainly ISCAR (Islamic).

These companies have almost filled the market space of Chinese cutters and dominate the market. In some large auto manufacturers, domestic cutters may only account for about 10% of the total.

“The overall strength of China’s machine tool industry is far from that of the developed countries, which is rooted in the lack of core competitiveness.” China Mechanical Industry Council of metal cutting tool technology association Xing Min said.

She believes that structural maladjustment is a major injury to the domestic cutting tool industry, that is, the tool and demand do not match. On the scale of production and operation of cutting tools, domestic NC tool enterprises have not formed a complete cutting tool industry chain. The tool products are not complete, and there are fewer kinds of machine tools that can be matched with them. Foreign tool products start early and have a wide variety of products. They can be used in conjunction with a large number of foreign machine tools.

Taking the car production line as an example, in the initial stage of introducing car model and CNC automatic production line, the domestic matching problems of cutting tools are often ignored, and the technical level of domestic car cutting tools has not been promoted in time. After the introduction of the production line, the special tools and tools have a wide variety of specifications, and the technical and professional requirements are very high. The existing domestic tool varieties, quality, supply and service ability are difficult to meet the requirements, the only choice of foreign tools.

The author believes that life and stability are also a big weakness for domestic knives. High quality cutting tools not only require high technology content, service life and stability, but also very important.  Some tool enterprises in China have low tool life and the average life span is only 1/3 – 1/2 of foreign tools. Not every product has a low life expectancy, but a great difference in life span, and the dispersion is too large, resulting in low average life of the tool. There has been such a test: compared to the single piece, China’s tools are not worse than foreign countries, but with the comparison of 10 pieces, 1 or 2 pieces of Chinese knives are not satisfactory. Cutting itself accounts for 90% of the total machining effort. Even if 1 or 2 pieces of tools are out of order, the machining effect will be greatly affected.

In addition, unlike other industries, CNC cutting tools are technology intensive, knowledge intensive, talent intensive industries, and their development relies heavily on talents. CNC cutting tool technical personnel, management personnel, marketing personnel are extremely scarce, the general training cycle is 3 to 5 years. And colleges and universities do not play the responsibility of training CNC tool professionals, can only rely on the enterprise slowly training, to the past times half of the work, and not necessarily retain talent.

In short, it is the existence of the gap that makes Chinese machine tools repeatedly equipped with “foreign knives”. If we wish to match domestic machine tools with domestic tools, we must face these gaps and face the shortcomings of the Chinese cutting tool enterprises in basic technology, innovation ability, promotion ability and service ability, and find others’ strengths, complement their own shortcomings, strive forward and strive hard to catch up even catch up with them. Foreign enterprises.

At present, the cutting tool enterprises, such as Zhuzhou diamond and Xiamen gold heron, have developed rapidly. These enterprises attach great importance to technological progress, personnel training, and have a very good step in the development of modern efficient cutting tools, and also let us see the new hope of the rise of domestic tools.

Today’s standard was founded in 2002, and is the leading provider of CNC walking machine solutions. R & D, production, sales: 16 series of CNC walking machine, 20 series CNC walking machine, 26 Series CNC walking machine, 32 series CNC walking machine.

Description of cryogenic cold water circulating mechanism refrigerant

In the low temperature cold water circulating machine in Wuxi, the refrigerant is very necessary. So, what is the process of the refrigerant running in the cryogenic cold water circulating machine?

(1) the state of the refrigerant. In the whole condensation process, the state of the refrigerant is from the gaseous state – gas-liquid coexistence – liquid.
(2) the temperature of the refrigerant. If the ambient temperature of the cryogenic cold water circulating machine is 25 C, the temperature of the refrigerant in the condenser is close to about 90 degrees C, and the temperature of the final part is about 55. At the same time, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the condenser should be influenced by other factors.
(3) the pressure of the refrigerant. Because the tube section of the condenser in the cold water circulating cooler is large enough for the flow of the refrigerant, the resistance is small, so the pressure of the process is basically the same as the pressure in the exhaust pipe of the compressor.
The next is the throttling of refrigerants: the throttling of refrigerants is accomplished in filters, capillary tubes, and tracheal tubes with capillary tubes.
(1) the state of the refrigerant. In the whole throttling process, the refrigerant’s state is always in the liquid state.
(2) the temperature of the refrigerant. The whole length of the capillary is almost all worn back to the trachea (or welded to the trachea), and the temperature of the refrigerant in the trachea is lower than the refrigerant in the capillary. Both of them flow again. Therefore, the capillary refrigerant of the cryogenic cold water circulating machine will continue to distribute heat while flowing to the evaporator and distribute the heat to the evaporator. The refrigerant in the trachea.
(3) the pressure of the refrigerant. The low temperature cold water circulation machine has a small inner diameter and a longer diameter, so that the refrigerant R12 flowing through the capillary can form corresponding pressure drop in the capillary tube. In order to maintain a certain pressure difference between the evaporator and the condenser.
This is the description of various forms of cold cold water cooling agent in operation, and the user can choose an environment-friendly refrigerant for the refrigerant of its own equipment.

What is the effect of air humidifier

The function of household air humidifier: 1, moistening the air, purifying the environment with the improvement of people’s living standards, the extensive use of air conditioning, causing skin tight, dry tongue, cough and cold and other air conditioning diseases. Part of the humidifier can also release a large number of negative oxygen ions in the process of atomization. It can effectively increase the humidity of the room, moisten the dry air and precipitate it with the floating smoke and dust in the air. It can effectively remove the smell of paint, moldy, smoke and odor, make the air fresher, and ensure the health of your family and your family. 2, moistening the skin, nourishing the hot summer and abnormal dry winter, causing excessive loss of water in the human skin, accelerating the aging of life, the moist air can keep the vitality, the product creates foggy oxygen bar, moisturizes the skin, promotes the blood circulation and metabolism of the facial cells, and relieves nervous tension and elimination. Fatigue makes you glow. 3, adding auxiliary agent, adding plant essential oil or medicinal liquid in the water, emanating with water mist, full room fragrance, making the body more easy to absorb, treating disease and keeping the mind, health care effect, especially for skin allergy, insomnia, cold, cough, asthma, is the best replacement of the traditional aromatherapy products. Choice。 4, fashion decoration, beautiful and practical use of lovely fashion cartoon modeling, floating clouds like dreams, such as romance, such as fairyland, enough to create an unusual creative inspiration. Automatic water protection, fog volume can be adjusted, humidity is automatically balanced.
Beijing otech Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern technology company integrating research, development, sales and service.
Mainly with the sales professional environment temperature and humidity control products and industrial matching humidity control products and purifying new wind products, the use of scientific management model, strict management system, the use of independent design concept, design by years of practical experience designers, to improve the comfort and professional clean environment temperature, Humidity products, absorbing foreign traditional mature product technology, and combining the characteristics of the construction of our machine room and base station, design and manufacture the whole air conditioning for the special humidifier and the base station of the machine room. The whole strength is strong and the sales and service are facing all over the country.
Products include: temperature and humidity control of professional environment; central air conditioning and system humidification supporting products; temperature and humidity control of ordinary environment; professional air conditioning; central air conditioning; industrial water treatment system. Make full use of the advantages of their own sales and service channels, with excellent quality and technology, and personalized professional programs to provide excellent products and service platform for new and old customers.
We are willing to cooperate with all our friends who support and trust us to achieve our dream together. Customers are welcome to call us and look forward to establishing partnership with you.
Products and services
Classification of special humidifier in machine room:
The humidifier, the humidifier, the humidifier of the machine room, the humidifier of the machine room, the special humidifier of the machine room, the special humidifier of the machine room, the humidifier of the machine room, the humidifier of the machine room, the humidifier, the humidifying and dehumidifying machine, the humidifying and purifying the new air machine, the wet film cabinet, the wet film cabinet humidifier and the humidifier;
Classification of special humidifiers in record room:
The humidifier in the record room, the humidifier of the archives warehouse, the cleaning humidifier in the record room, the special humidifier, the humidifying and humidifying machine, the purifying and humidifying machine, the humidifier of the archives
Classification of special humidifiers for electronic plants:
Electronic factory humidifier, electronic workshop humidifier, STM workshop humidifier, electronic industry humidifier, circuit board production humidifier.
Industrial humidifier classification:
Industrial humidifier, industrial humidifier, centrifugal humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, air water humidifier, two fluid humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, centrifugal humidifier, high pressure spray humidifier, centrifugal humidifier, and centrifugal humidifier
Classification of central air conditioning humidifier:
The central air conditioning humidifier, wet film humidifier, wet film direct drainage humidifier, wet film water humidifier, wet film wet film humidifier, dry steam heater humidifier, manual dry steam humidifier, electric dry steam humidifier, dry steam humidifier, double vaporization humidifier, double vaporization humidifier, double steam humidifier, and electrode humidification Device, household electrode humidifier, OEM electrode humidifier, electrothermal humidifier, steam steam humidifier, two steam humidifier, electrothermal steam humidifier, high pressure micro fog humidifier, spray humidifier, spray humidifier system;
Classification of air purifier:
Air disinfector, air purifier, electronic purifier, light hydrogen ion purifier, engine room energy saving fresh air, fresh air purifier, PC activated carbon exhaust fan;
Classification of industrial air conditioning:
High temperature air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning, base station air conditioning, whole base station air conditioning, base station integrated air conditioning, machine room precision air conditioning, constant temperature and constant humidity air conditioning, energy saving and environmental air conditioning, professional air conditioning, commercial air conditioning; air conditioning water softener in machine room;
Dehumidifier classification:
Dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, swimming pool dehumidification unit, humidifier, pipe dehumidifier, heating and dehumidifier, cooling and dehumidifier, temperature regulating and dehumidifier, air dehumidifier, and file dehumidifier.

The influence of test speed on the accuracy of the testing machine

The influence of tensile speed on tensile speed, elongation and yield strength of tensile testing machine is mainly discussed. The influence of the tension tester varies with the material, so the test must be carried out strictly in accordance with the rate specified by the standard test method in the tensile test, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the test results. The test speed of material tension test machine is in 50~500mm/min, some in 0.001~500mm/min, the former usually uses ordinary trapezoidal wire rod plus speed control motor or variable frequency speed control system, the cost is lower, and the wear is bigger. A long time, a lot of experiments will produce the middle plate shaking, affecting the accuracy of the test, and the time will soon be used, the machine will be noisy and easy to break. The latter uses servo system plus ball screw, with high accuracy, constant speed and stability, small wear and good durability. The test repeatability is also good. The standard all stipulates the test condition, what material speed, because the speed is different, the force value measured is also different.
Three common data of the tensile test:
1. Tensile strength: tensile strength increases with the increase of test speed, but it tends to be stable after reaching a certain stage.
2, yield strength: when the test speed is slow, the difference between yield strength and tensile strength is larger, and the faster the test speed is, the difference between yield strength and tensile strength decreases gradually.
3. Elongation after break: the increase of tensile speed decreases the elongation after fracture, and decreases slowly after a certain stage. (in addition, the large tensile strength and the elongation at the end of the fracture are sensitive to the tensile velocity, while the small tensile strength and the elongation at the end of the fracture are relatively less sensitive to the tensile velocity. ” If the servo system of all kinds of production equipment and manipulator is used, we can go to the automobile factory to see if there is an opportunity. Every part of the automobile parts is exactly the same. Therefore, it is recommended that ball screw with servo system can meet users’ requirements. Of course, the test is not much, the power is not easy to choose the ordinary trapezoidal wire rod plus speed control motor or variable frequency speed control system, economic and practical, the same can get the ideal data.
Material drawing machine test machine related system:
Tension test recording system: full automatic force measurement system, stepless gear, can automatically ensure accuracy, and easily measure the accuracy of the indicator to 0.2%, and most energetically as the finest resolution, automatic identification; automatic standard force, standard length correction system, can be calibrated by any metering department for idiot metering. The bilingual test software on the WIN2000, XP platform of the data system is upgraded at any time, and all curves are printed (the most advanced software output curve report). The test data, such as load, deformation, displacement, velocity, tensile strength, fracture strength, elongation and so on, are dynamically displayed during the test. The test results are automatically stored, analyzed, amplified, calculated and counted.
The frame structure is adopted in the mechanical structure, and the high precision ball screw without gap is loaded to ensure the efficiency of the whole steel and load, and there is a larger test space for various tests to ensure the testing function and simple operation of the machine with large load.
In different industries and testing standards, the speed of tension test required is also different. Before the test operation, the parameters and system should be properly adjusted, and the tension test machine should be maintained and maintained regularly so as to ensure the accuracy of the final test results.

Technical requirements for finishing process of steel rolling steel

Steel finishing is the last process in the process of rolling steel production, and it plays a final role in ensuring the quality of the products to a certain extent. The content of the finishing process varies depending on the technical requirements of the product. Generally, the steel must be cut off or rolled, cooling, straightening, finishing, heat treatment, surface cleaning, inspection and packing, weighing, marking and other specific processes.
1) steel cutting: finished products need to cut the head and tail (cut off irregular part of head and tail) and cut the ruler. During rolling, rolling process is carried out smoothly, and the workpiece needs to be cut off. Commonly used cut-off equipment is WeChat photo _20180412165807_ copy.

Parallel blade shearing machine: usually used for transverse hot shear square and rectangular sections; oblique blade shears: usually used for cold shear and hot shear steel, strip, thin slab, welded pipe, etc.
Sometimes used for cutting small wood; flying shears: rolling pieces mainly used for transverse shear movement; disc shears: a class of longitudinal shear used for steel and strip, and a class for small, wire.
Sawing machine: commonly used for sawing steel pipes and shaped materials; flame cutting: commonly used for cutting thickness > fifty mm thick plate.
2) cooling after rolled steel: according to the chemical composition of the steel, the state of the tissue, the size of the product section, the possible defects after cooling, the rolling mill output and the cooling site, the different cooling methods are adopted respectively.
Air cooling: natural cooling in the air. It is often used for cooling after low carbon steel, ordinary low alloy high strength steel, most carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel.
Fast cooling: that is to use blast, spray, spray water, no pressure layer water cooling and other sudden cooling to a certain temperature and then natural cooling. It is often used to cool the steel bar required for checking carbide mesh defects and after rolling of common carbon steel wire rod.
Slow cooling: the forthcoming rolled steel or steel in a slow cooling pit, a movable cold box or on the ground, covered with sand, asbestos slag and so on. It is often used in high speed tool steels, martensitic stainless steels, some high alloy tool steels and high alloy structural steels.
Natural cooling equipment is mainly a different type of cold bed: a cold bed with steel rope drawing machine: mostly used for large and medium steel; a cold bed with chain conveyor: the steel pipe and strip that are used for the surface of the rolling mill; the rack type cold bed is mainly used for small steel which is prone to bend and twist during the cooling process. In addition, there are hook conveyors, which hang the wire rods and transport them on the side while cooling, mainly for wire rods.
3) steel straightening: after rolling steel rolled steel, due to the unequal cooling of the rolled steel and other obstacles and after rolling, the bending, ladling or end torsional deviation often occur. It is necessary to straighten the steel through straightening equipment, such as pressure straightener, tension straightener and roller straightening machine, etc.  Plastic section of material section.
4) finished product heat treatment: through the heating, thermal insulation, cooling method, according to the different heating, thermal insulation, cooling curve, annealing steel, normalizing, quenching, tempering treatment to improve the steel structure, thus obtaining the required performance.
If steel is heated and insulated according to a specific heating and thermal insulation curve, it is quickly cooled in water or oil, that is, the quenching treatment can improve the strength and hardness of the steel, and increase the wear resistance. If the quenched steel is reheated to a certain temperature range below 723 centigrade, and then cooled in the oil or air, that is, the tempering treatment can reduce or completely eliminate the internal stress produced when the steel is quenched, reduce the brittleness of the hardened steel, and get better fit of toughness and strength.
5) inspection of the finished product
Most of the products are on-line ultrasonic and magnetic flux leakage testing (NDT), on-line hydraulic test for steel tube products, and various mechanical tests, heat treatment test, corrosion resistance test, metallographic analysis and chemical composition analysis.

A man is in his middle age and is always on the line.

A man is in his middle age and is always on the line. To tear them apart, one side is the success of joining the WTO, while the other is the yearning for being born. But looking at these contrasts, I always feel close to myself.
1, one side is Ma Yun, one side is the nebula
On the one hand is Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Zuckerberg’s entrepreneurial story. Wealth, dreams and living are all about changing the world’s hot blood. If there is no cause, how can the value of life be reflected, and the other is the advice of the master of nebula and the masters of the nebula, the practice of life, and how hard to fight against each other?
2. One side is a seat, one side is a child.
Countless articles remind us to grow up with children. This is the only time in my life. However, there are numerous articles suggesting that life needs positioning, and more needs to be placed on the top.
3, one side is Superman, one side is the old man
You will dream of the old man leaving you at night, waking up, tears and wet towel. You can’t wait to accompany them and accompany them on their last journey. But wipe your tears away, and to the dressing table, you remember the tasks you want to arrange today. You have to be a superman and prove your abilities up and down. Call the greeting, or call again at night.
4, one side is upflow, one side is stream by stream
You hate corruption, despise authority, and sneer at flattery. You live in a high class. But whenever the opportunity comes, you immediately think about the relationship that you can use, express your sincere respect to the person who holds the power, and try to get it “done” in the most safe way. You find that at that time, the upper class you are watching your eyes shut.
5, one side is the student union, one side is the memorial meeting
The real meaning of the association is not “a pair of couples is broken up”, but a comparison and stimulation of life. The small partners who sat side by side were now divided into three hundred and sixty nine categories. Some of them were in the spring and some were disappointed. Fortunately, the game is not over yet. Hurry up and head for it. Next time, we must have the Jinyi luxury car, and compare the rich and cheap local tyrants. Only to mourn the meeting, can we feel that life is fragile. The meaning of living is churning in the heart. Is it still necessary to spell it?
6, one side is the old age, one is afraid of the old.
You always describe beautiful retirement life, planting flowers and fish to travel around the world. But you are always worried, will the currency be devalued? Will the assets shrink? Is it a guarantee for the summer New Zealand plan in Sanya in winter? And more importantly, if it is really old, is it annoying, is it painful to be said to be old? Then, for a good old age, you have to spell it up again. Be energetic and at least look young!
7, one side is a courtyard, one side is a pastoral
You yearn for the garden of the blue sky and white clouds, and always imagine a farmer to live a life of pure nature and original ecology. Including “China on the tip of the tongue”, every time you see or tell the story of returning to nature, it will make you palpitate. But you yearn for gardens and villas, and courtyards are deep, and stars are neighbors.  So, you have to spell it.
8, one side is “on the road” while the other is “Hometown”.
Chinese entrepreneurs, the favorite songs must include “on the road”, “love to win”, “higher flying”, they can always let “an uneasy heart” surging. But the next song may be Xu Wei’s “Hometown” or Li Jian’s “heart rising moon”, some sad, some confused, some heart tired. But where is the hometown and when can I return it?
One carelessly into middle age, left to enter the WTO and go to the peak of life. This is the true portrayal of life after the age of 40.

Control of welding temperatur

Welding temperature control
The melting pool temperature directly affects the welding quality, the melting pool temperature is high, the molten pool is larger, the fluidity of molten iron is good, and the molten iron is easy to melt. However, when it is too high, the molten iron is easy to drip, the back of the single side welding double side forming is easy to burn and wear, forming the welding, forming also difficult to control, and the plastic property of the joint is reduced and the bending is easy to crack. When the bath temperature is low, the weld pool is small, the molten iron is dark, and the fluidity is poor.
The melting pool temperature is closely related to the welding current, electrode diameter, electrode angle and arc burning time. The following measures are taken to control the temperature of the molten pool.
1. Welding current and electrode diameter: welding current and electrode diameter are selected according to the space position of welding seam and welding level. The welding current and electrode diameter are larger and the vertical and pitching positions are smaller when the welding is open. For example, the welding electrode of 12mm flat butt butt welding is selected with the welding rod of 3.2mm, the welding current: 80-85A, filling, the welding current of phi 4.0mm, the welding current: 165-175A, the reasonable selection of welding current and electrode diameter, easy to control the weld pool temperature, is the foundation of the weld forming.
2. The temperature of the circle shaped strip weld pool is higher than that of the crescent shaped strip. The temperature of the crescent shaped strip is higher than the molten pool temperature of the sawtooth strip. The sawtooth strip is used in the 12mm flat welding bottom layer, and the temperature of the molten pool is controlled effectively by the amplitude of swinging and the pause on both sides of the slope, so that the size of the molten pool is basically the same. As a result, the probability of not forming the welding and burning on the root of the bevel has been reduced, and the non penetration is improved. It is no longer the difficulty for the single side welding of the butt butt welding.
3, the angle of welding rod, the angle of welding rod and welding direction is 90 degrees, the arc is concentrated, the temperature of the molten pool is high, the angle of the weld is small, the arc is scattered, the melting pool temperature is low, such as the 12mm flat welding bottom layer, the welding rod angle: 50-70 degrees, the melting pool temperature has fallen to some extent, avoiding the back generation welding or the height. For example, after replacing the welding rod with the bottom layer of the 12mm plate, the joint uses 90-95 degrees of welding electrode angle to improve the temperature of the molten pool, the melt hole can be opened smoothly, the back forming is more flat, and the inner concave phenomenon of the joint is effectively controlled.
4. In the practice teaching of the arc burning time, the horizontal fixing and the vertical fixed welding of the 57 x 3.5 tubes, the arc breaking method is used for welding. The frequency of arc breaking and the burning time of the arc directly affect the temperature of the molten pool. Because the tube wall is thinner, the capacity of the arc heat is limited, and if the arc frequency is slowed down to reduce the melting rate The pool temperature is easy to produce shrinkage hole, so it can only use arc combustion time to control the melting pool temperature. If the molten pool temperature is too high, the arc combustion time can be reduced and the temperature of the molten pool is reduced. At this time, the melting hole becomes small and the inner forming height of the tube is moderate, and the weld seam is too high or the weld is produced.
The control device mainly provides the signal control resistance welding machine to turn on and cut off the welding current, control the welding current value, and carry out the fault monitoring and processing.

Polyurethane elastomer perfusion machine

Polyurethane elastomer perfusion machine is a processing machine which is custom-made for customers for a long time and uses polyurethane elastomer as raw material. In many industries, it needs to be used.
Polyurethane elastomer is a variety of polyurethane synthetic material. Because its structure has two chain segments, it can be designed to give high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, oil resistance and so on. It has both high elasticity of rubber and the rigidity of plastic. It is called “wear-resistant rubber”.
The main advantages of polyurethane projectile: (polyurethane elastomer perfusion machine)
One, excellent wear resistance.
Two. The adjustable range of the performance is large.
Common application areas:
1. The polyurethane elastomer for automobile.
2. The polyurethane elastomer for building.
3, polychlorate elastomer used in mine. The solid core wheel of mine monorail crane, the combined plate for coal shotcreting machine, the oil seal ring of the 10000 ton electric wheel dump truck, and the cold patch of high voltage cable sheath.
4. Polychlorate elastomers used for shoes. It has now become an important supporting material in the shoe making industry. The sole, heel, head, and insoles of many shoes, such as golf shoes, baseball shoes, football shoes, ski shoes, travel shoes, safety shoes, etc., are made of polychlorate elastic system.
5. Medical polyurethane elastomer. At present, the developed medical elastomer products are: tracheal cannula, artificial limb, blockage agent for family planning, repair materials for skull defects, condoms and so on.
6. A new type of polyurethane composite sheet.
Long endurance polyurethane elastomer perfusion machine has the following advantages, which is deeply loved and recognized by customers.
1. The frame of the stainless steel frame or the steel plate.
2, machine micro computer metering processor, learning and teaching memory quantitative. It is easy to modify the proportion of dispensing and the amount of glue.
3, large screen touch screen operation, easy to learn, with parameter locking function, to prevent accidental modification of parameters, to ensure quality.
4, electronic gear ratio and mechanical gear ratio organic combination, with imported servo motor drive Taiwan high precision wear-resistant gear pump, continuous feeding, to ensure the accuracy of the ratio. The ratio is adjusted between 1:1-1:10, and the precision is less than 1%.
5. The mixing part of the head of the glue filling machine is driven by a high-speed motor to drive the spiral mixing pipe to ensure that the mixture is evenly mixed. With cleaning pipes, automatic cleaning is realized.