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CNC computer gong processing workpiece overcut

Computer gong processing has become an important development direction of modern processing, with high degree of automation, high processing accuracy and strong adaptability to parts, so it is widely used in modern machining. But CNC machining will also occur on the workpiece overcut phenomenon. Overcutting will directly affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece, and even lead to the scrapping of the workpiece.

Causes of workpiece overcutting in CNC machining:

  1. Improper operation of the operator.
  2. The cutting allowance is not uniform.
  3. Improper cutting parameters.
  4. The strength of the tool is not enough, too long or too small.

CNC machining workpiece overcutting solution:

  1. Reasonable adjustment of cutting parameters, large allowance, corner rounding.
  2. Using SF function of machine tool, the operator can fine tune the cutting speed to achieve the best cutting effect.
  3. The principle of using a knife: big but not small, short but not long.
  4. Add the corner cleaning procedure, the allowance should be as uniform as possible, and the allowance on the side and bottom should be the same.

CNC processing problems can not be as easy as ordinary machine tools can be manually adjusted, so we must pay attention to every detail of the processing process, careful consideration, strive to be accurate, avoid overcutting problems, do not waste, improve resource utilization. Novices often encounter the situation that the score is not accurate, sometimes they have to score more than ten times to be accurate. To this end, today I will introduce the reasons and solutions of inaccuracy in CNC machining.

Reasons for inaccurate CNC machining

  1. The operator’s manual operation is not accurate, and the manual operation number is wrong.
  2. There are burrs around the mold.
  3. The center bar has magnetism.
  4. The four sides of the mold are not vertical.

The solution to the inaccuracy in CNC machining is as follows:

  1. The manual operation should be carefully checked repeatedly, and the points should be at the same point and at the same height as far as possible.
  2. Deburring the periphery of the mould with oilstone or file, wiping it with rag, and finally confirming with hand.
  3. Demagnetize the center bar before centring the mold (ceramic center bar or others can be used).
  4. Check whether the four sides of the die are vertical (the verticality error is large, so we need to review the scheme with the fitter).

Points are not complex, according to the above method can operate several times, I hope to help you.