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CNC computer gongs machine tool debugging

Before the commissioning of CNC computer gong machining machine tool, the debugging method of CNC computer gong machining machine precision and function is as follows:

  1. Using precision level instrument and other detection tools, mainly by adjusting the pad iron way to fine adjust the level of the main bed of the computer gong processing machine tool, so that the geometric accuracy of the machine tool can reach the allowable tolerance range;
  2. For the automatic tool change device, adjust the position of the tool magazine, manipulator, travel parameters, etc., and then check the action with the command, which is required to be accurate;
  3. For the machine tool with APC automatic exchange table, after adjusting the relative position, carry out automatic load exchange;
  4. After the adjustment of the machine tool, carefully check whether the parameter setting values in the numerical control system and the programmable controller conform to the data specified in the random index, and then test the main operation functions, safety measures, execution of common instructions, etc.
  5. Check the auxiliary functions and accessories of the machine tool. CNC machining is the basis of modern manufacturing technology. This invention has epoch-making significance and far-reaching influence for the manufacturing industry.