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CNC machined parts

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CNC machined parts

CNC machined parts


Analysis of hardening factors of CNC parts

The key factors affecting the cold working hardness of CNC parts are as follows:

1. Factor of machining raw materials: The hardness of processed raw materials is small, and the hardness level of raw materials with greater plasticity is more important.

2. Formal factors of cutters: the rake angle, edge roundness and wear of the back of the cutter in CNC machining have a great influence on the hardening layer. When the front angle decreases and the wear of the edge and rear edge increases, the depth and hardness of the hardened layer increases.

3. Cutting parameters of CNC parts: the change of cutting speed and feed rate has a great influence on cold work hardness. With the increase of cutting speed, the contact time between the tool and the workpiece is short, the plastic deformation level is small, and the hardness and hardness are reduced. With the increase of feeding speed, the plastic deformation level increases, and the surface cold hardening level increases.

Therefore, as long as the above factors are correctly prevented, there will be no problem of hardness in CNC machined parts.