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History of metal manufacturing

Hardware manufacturing industry has a long history. Exploring the source of its development can almost keep pace with the history of China. Computer gong processing after thousands of years of history of ups and downs, to now, all aspects have gradually matured and improved. Dongguan high-speed computer gong processing, but China’s hardware enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. In recent years, under the fierce competition at home and abroad, some small and medium-sized enterprises are facing various difficulties, struggling in the edge of life and death.

Change is the only way out.

Many hardware manufacturing enterprises have recognized this problem and began to make changes, but they often treat the symptoms rather than the root causes, ignoring the most important things. In order to find a way out, some enterprises began to learn the advanced western marketing methods and conduct in-depth research on the market, such as computer gong processing, Dongguan computer gong processing, Shenzhen computer gong processing, mechanical parts processing, Guangzhou computer gong processing, selling through the Internet, or changing to service-oriented, making the slogan “customer is God, service is life”, or thinking “channel” Tao is the king. “I think the ultimate goal of producing products is to sell them.

Some small and medium-sized hardware enterprises with low technology content and labor-intensive attribute their deficiencies to the lack of advanced machines. Dongguan mold processing thinks that the reason why they can’t be bigger and stronger is because of the lack of capital and strength, and they can not increase the investment in science and technology independently. They can only cooperate with a number of small enterprises or be absorbed by large enterprises to strengthen their strength. Finally, they lose themselves on the stage of hardware and gradually lose themselves Die out.

No doubt, these changes in technology and sales have stimulated the traditional hardware products, making them glow with new vitality. Computer gong processing, Dongguan computer gong processing, Shenzhen computer gong processing, mechanical parts processing, Guangzhou computer gong processing, but most of these improvements are temporary, and have changed vigorously for more than ten years, but the difficulties faced by China’s hardware manufacturing industry have never been solved Fundamentally changed, most of the small and medium-sized hardware enterprises are still in the world market, unable to get steady development.

If we stop to look at the manufacturing power – “Germany”, we will find that in fact, we are not too many small and medium-sized enterprises, but neglect the most basic thing – a heart that wants to make high-quality products. Dongguan Machinery parts processing when an enterprise to put a stable mind, no longer for profit and production, do not rely on low-cost labor, do not blindly invest money for equipment, machinery and technology is only icing on the cake, CNC processing brand and success is only a natural thing. Germany’s manufacturing industry is well-known in the world, and some small companies can also become big brands, thus being sought after by the world