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How to process stainless steel small hole by CNC

In the automation equipment, non-standard equipment manufacturing industry, equipment parts are often replaced by stainless steel materials. Compared with general materials, the processing technology of stainless steel materials is more complicated. How to process small holes in stainless steel parts is actually not difficult; With the continuous development of economy and technology, the diversity of processing materials of various enterprises is also changing and increasing. In order to help you solve some problems in the work, the following summarizes some skills of how to process small holes of stainless steel parts?

In the field of mechanical processing, first of all, the design of process route and the selection of processing tools: according to the actual situation of stainless steel parts small hole to be processed, the following process route can be formulated: rough turning inner shape – semi finishing turning inner shape – finishing turning inner shape – finishing turning inner hole annular groove – turning end surface groove. The selection of cutting tools should be based on the characteristics of stainless steel itself and comprehensive consideration from all aspects. It includes the following points

  1. In order to avoid the phenomenon of workpiece falling off, it is necessary to choose the right-hand tool which is opposite to the thread of thread mould.
  2. We should try our best to choose the tool shape and cutting groove shape (not smooth) with the smallest cutting force, so as to reduce the impact on the rigidity of parts.
  3. The arc of the tip should be moderate. If the arc is too large, chattering lines will appear; If the arc is too small, the tool tip is easy to be damaged, which affects the service life of the tool.
  4. In the selection of the tool holder, we should choose the form of internal cooling, so that the parts will be fully cooled in the process of processing, and at the same time, we should control the direction of chip removal.

Small hole machining control of stainless steel parts: due to the structure of mechanical parts, the positioning mode of thread mould can only be used for clamping in the internal turning. For the special requirements of workpiece processing, if the center of gravity is irregular, it is easy to be out of balance in the clamping system. At the same time, there are high requirements for dimensional accuracy, coaxiality and perpendicularity. If there is a little error in the process of processing, it may have a serious impact on the practical performance of the parts.

So for the stainless steel parts small hole processing to the tool selection, cutting parameters and process route setting must have strict requirements, these factors will affect the parts after processing is qualified. Machining accuracy of machining equipment itself is also very important!

The above is how to process the small hole of stainless steel precision parts. Thank you for your attention!

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