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The concept of CNC semi finishing

In the field of machining, roughing, semi finishing and finishing are all called machining. Rough machining refers to the pursuit of high efficiency, which requires the maximum cutting amount per unit time. The requirements for machining accuracy and surface quality are not very high, because the amount of cutting tools is large, and the surface allowance of machined parts is not very uniform. Semi finish machining is to smooth the residual machined surface after rough machining, leaving a relatively uniform machining allowance on the machined surface of the workpiece, which provides the best processing conditions for high-speed machining of finish machining.

In the process of machining mechanical parts, the general processing conditions are divided into rough machining and finish machining. Semi finish machining will be used for special precision parts, mainly to ensure the processing accuracy and provide production efficiency. Although the precision of semi finish machining is not high, it can meet the processing requirements of simple mechanical parts. Mainly auxiliary processing technology, to provide conditions for finishing.

The above is the concept of semi finishing machining.

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