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The difference between numerical control lathes and ordinary lathes

Numerical control lathe refers to the use of numerical control program to control the purpose of the machine tool, so that the operation of batch automatic processing. Today, the standard lathes have better adaptability compared with ordinary machine tools. They can be processed on some parts with smaller volume and more complex structure. High precision, in production has better efficiency, can be realized in the same walking bed for many process processing, in addition to low labor intensity, high degree of automation advantages.

Ordinary horizontal lathes are often used in turning the inside and outside turning surface of the product and the processing of thread. Usually, the tools are used to drill holes and expand holes. It is a kind of lathe used at home at present, which accounts for 65% of all the total.

The difference between the ordinary lathe and the numerical control lathes

1, the common lathe used the thread of the trapezoidal thread to process the thread while machining the thread. At the same time, the lathe used the light rod to process the cutting, while the CNC lathe used the ball screw to process the thread when the thread was processed.

2, numerical control lathe and ordinary lathe tool holder position is different, the position of the heart bed is basically on the left of the operator, and the position of the ordinary lathe is usually on the right of the operator, for the different position of the good or bad, as long as more convenient operator to operate it.

3. Two rails are also different in the guide way. The guide rail of the ordinary lathe is rigid rail, while the core bed has a line rail besides hard rail.

4, the handle of the ordinary lathe is equipped with more, large, medium and small trailer handle, and these are not in the heart bed, not only so also there is no small trailer, the reduction of these accessories, shorten the operation process, let the workers in the operation more convenient.

5, in the equipment of the motor, the two kinds of lathes also have a big difference, the spindle motor of the ordinary lathe can be used by ordinary motor, but if it is a heart bed, it usually uses a variable frequency motor.

6, the heart bed can achieve a larger scope of automation, in the spindle, feed, cooling pump control, the use of traditional lathes are manual control, the heart bed can be fully automated, of course, can be operated manually.

7, in addition, ordinary lathe has no digital control operation, but the center bed has.

Advantages of numerical control lathes

The heart bed has a better processing precision. It can get better product quality at the time of processing. It can carry on the movement of multiple coordinates. For some parts with more complex shapes, it can also be well processed. If it is the time to change the parts needed to be processed, only the numerical control program can be changed. And no other operation steps are needed, so that the production preparation time can be saved to a large extent. In terms of productivity, the bed is very high, which is more than six times higher than that of ordinary machine tools.

CNC lathes do not have too many steps in the operation, so the quality of the operators is not particularly high, but the requirements of maintenance are higher, so we need to hire professional equipment maintenance personnel, if they do not understand, they can not be at random.