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What is a vacuum blister mold

The design of vacuum suction molding mold includes batch size, molding equipment, precision conditions, geometric design, dimensional stability and surface quality. Properties and surface quality.

1. Batch size experiments, mold production hours, computer gongs processing plant Dongguan high speed computer gong processing plant Dongguan mold processing plant Dongguan Mechanical parts processing plant CNC processing can be made of wood or resin. However, if the mold used in the experiment is to obtain the data of shrinkage, dimensional stability and cycle time of the product, the single cavity mold should be used for the experiment, and it can be used in the production conditions. Molds are generally made of gypsum, copper, aluminum or aluminum steel alloys, and aluminum resin is rarely used.

2. In geometric design, dimensional stability and surface quality should be considered comprehensively. For example, the product design and dimensional stability require the use of female die (female mold), but the product with high surface gloss requires the use of male mold (punch). In this way, the ordering party of plastic parts will take these two points into consideration, so that the product can be produced under the best conditions. Experience has proved that the design that does not meet the actual processing conditions is often a failure. As a special process equipment with high service life, mould has the following production characteristics:

(1) It belongs to single piece and multi variety production. Dongguan mold production tells you that the mold is a special process equipment for high life, each mold can only produce a certain shape, size and precision of the parts, which determines that the mold production belongs to the nature of single piece, multi variety production procedures.

(2) The objective requirement of mould production cycle is short. Dongguan mold production tells you that due to the acceleration of new product update and market competition, the mold production cycle is required to be shorter and shorter objectively. The production management, design and process of die should meet the objective requirements.

(3) Complete set of mould production. When a part needs more than one pair of molds to process, each pair of molds often implicate and influence each other. Only when the final part is qualified, this series of molds can be considered as qualified. Therefore, this feature must be fully considered in production and planning.

(4) Mold test and repair. Dongguan mold production tells you that due to the above characteristics of mold production and the experience of mold design, the mold must pass the test punching or pressure test after assembly, and finally determine whether it is qualified; at the same time, some parts need to be repaired before final determination. Therefore, there must be a certain trial period in the production schedule.

(5) Mold processing is developing towards mechanization, precision and automation. At present, the requirement of die precision for product parts is higher and higher. There are more and more molds with high precision, high life and high efficiency. The machining accuracy mainly depends on the accuracy of machine tools, processing conditions, measurement means and methods. At present, the use of precision molding grinder, CNC high-precision surface grinder, precision CNC WEDM machine, high-precision continuous track coordinate grinder and CMM are becoming more and more popular, which makes mold processing develop to high-tech intensive.

Because different molding molds have been applied in many fields, and the manufacturing technology of professional molds has also changed and developed in recent years, the general design rules of vacuum Blister molding molds are summarized in this part.

The design of vacuum suction molding mold includes batch size, molding equipment, precision conditions, geometry design and dimensional stability

3. During the molding process, the dimension stability of the contact surface between the plastic part and the mold is better than that of the part leaving the mold. If the material thickness is required to be changed due to the requirement of material stiffness in the future, it may lead to the conversion of male mold to female mold. The dimensional tolerance of plastic parts shall not be less than 10% of shrinkage.

4. The surface structure of the plastic part should be formed at the contact with the mold in terms of the range covered by the molding material. Computer gong Processing Factory Dongguan high speed computer gong Processing Factory Dongguan mold Processing Factory Dongguan Mechanical parts processing factory CNC processing if possible, the surface of plastic parts should not contact with the mold surface. It’s like using a female mold to make bathtubs and washbasins.

5. If mechanical horizontal saw is used to saw off the clamping edge of plastic parts, there should be at least 6-8mm allowance in the height direction. Other finishing work, such as grinding, laser cutting or jet, must also be allowed. The gap between cutting lines of knife edge die cutting is the smallest, and the distribution width of trimming punching die is also very small.

6. Shrinkage and deformation, plastic is easy to shrink (e.g. PE), some plastic parts are easy to deform, no matter how to prevent, plastic parts will deform in the cooling stage. In this condition, it is necessary to change the shape of the mold to adapt to the geometric deviation of the plastic part. For example, although the wall of the plastic part remains straight, its reference center has deviated by 10 mm; the mold base can be raised to adjust the shrinkage of this deformation.

7. Shrinkage, the following shrinkage factors must be considered when manufacturing Blister molding mold.