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What is the companys requirement for import and export? Seaborne price inquiry

At present, the requirements of the state for applying for import and export enterprises have been greatly reduced, as long as the applicant enterprises handle valid business licenses, tax registration certificates, organization code certificates and bank accounts according to law.

Import and export filing application process:

2. Overseas filing
3. Foreign Exchange Registration
4. Inspection and Quarantine Record
5. Electronic Port Registration
6. Registration of Export Tax Rebate

Material required for import and export filing applications:

1. The original and photocopy of the company’s business license
2. Original and photocopy of organization code certificate
3. Original and photocopy of tax registration certificate

Minimum Registered Capital Regulations for Import and Export Companies
1. In the past, the minimum registered capital of import and export companies was RMB 1 million.
2. According to the new Company Law of the People’s Republic of China, the minimum registered capital is RMB 30,000.
3. One person registers an import and export company with a minimum registered capital of RMB 100,000.
4. The minimum registered capital of two or more import and export companies is RMB 30,000 or more.
5. If an import and export company applies for general taxpayer qualification, the minimum registered capital requirement is RMB 500,000 (no upper limit).

Xiaobian reminds you here: Import and export companies can only enjoy the export tax rebate policy if they have the general taxpayer qualification, otherwise, they will not enjoy the export tax rebate.
Provisions on the Period of Investment of Registered Capital of Import and Export Companies

1. When one person (one shareholder) registers an import and export company, the registered capital needs to be in place at one time and cannot be contributed by stages.
2. When two or more persons register an import and export company, the registered capital may be invested in batches. The first batch of registered capital shall not be less than 20% of the total registered capital. The remaining registered capital shall be in place within two years.

Seaborne Price Inquiry
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