Machining accuracy of CNC computer gong

Machining accuracy of CNC computer gong

In the machining industry, there are often high-precision machining of mechanical parts, which should be completed by selecting suitable machine tools and equipment. Let’s take a look at the machining accuracy of high-speed CNC computer gongs?

CNC computer gong is actually CNC machining center, which is an automatic machine tool controlled by program. The control system can logically process the program with control code or other symbolic instructions, decode it through the computer, so as to enable the machine tool to perform the specified action, and process the raw materials into semi-finished products or finished mechanical parts through tool cutting. CNC machining is completely controlled by computer and completed by process programming according to the drawing of mechanical parts. CNC machine tool itself has high precision. Generally, the spindle speed is 8000 / r.p.m, the spindle of high-speed machine can reach 10000-15000 / r.p.m, the part plane precision can reach 0.002-0.005mm, and the hole precision can be controlled between 0.003-0.005mm. In case of complex machining of mechanical parts, different process methods are selected to complete the machining accuracy.

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