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Professional CNC machining custom CNC machining manufacturers

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Reason summary of collision of CNC machining center

When making CNC workpiece, we often encounter the problem of machine collision, which not only affects the processing efficiency, but also may destroy the workpiece, more likely to form personal events. So what are the causes of the collision in the CNC machining center?

(1) Knife compensation input error is a common cause of collision.

1. Coordinate offset compensation 60 miles input error

2. Workpiece coordinates G54 and other input errors

3. Length G43 compensates for H input error or call error

4. Radius G41 compensates for D input error or call error

5, G40 or G49 or G80 input errors

(2) Error manipulation

1. Wrong Procedure

2. Installing the wrong knife

3. Error processing coordinates

4. Start-up does not return to the origin

5. Handwheel or Manual Target Error

(3) Unique procedures can also lead to crashes.

1. There will be more than one tool change in the program (it will collide with the machine because of the tool repair error)

2. The program returns to the machined cutter point (bumping plate or screw) after the cutter is removed from the mechanical reference point.

3. The program cuts diagonally at the beginning (Z appears in front of H)

4. Safety height is lower (impact plate or nut)

Do you remember the above reasons? I hope you will pay more attention in your work.

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