RC Driver Cup/Shaft

RC Driver Cup/Shaft

Our factory specializes in RC Driver Cup/Shaft by CNC machining.

Drive shaft description

Working conditions

The driving shaft is subjected to, torsion, shear, tension, compression, impact and other alternating stresses, which can also cause the torsional and bending vibration of the drive shaft and generate additional stress; the stress distribution is uneven; there is sliding friction between the drive shaft journal and the bearing.

performance requirement

The main failure modes of drive shaft are fatigue fracture and serious wear of journal. Therefore, the material should have high strength, certain impact toughness, enough bending and torsion fatigue strength and stiffness, and the journal surface should have high hardness and wear resistance.

Drive shaft material

Forged steel drive shaft: high quality medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, such as 40, 45, 35Mn2, 40Cr, 45Cr, 35CrMo steel, etc;

Material selection

This kind of material is medium carbon alloy steel, which can be improved by quenching and tempering (or normalizing) heat treatment. In recent years, a new kind of steel, namely alloy quenched and tempered steel, has been widely used in high-power engines. The grain size is refined by adding alloy elements such as Si, Cu and Ti, strengthening the steel matrix and improving the strength of the steel.

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