Application of CNC milling cutter


Application of CNC milling cutter

Milling cutters are often used to process boss and groove, and are generally not used to process the blank surface – because the hardening layer and sand inclusion on the surface of the blank will speed up tool wear.

When machining the surface of blank or rough machining hole, the end milling cutter or corn milling cutter inlaid with cemented carbide can be selected for strong cutting.

The end mill C is often used when machining the peripheral contour of a plane workpiece.

In order to improve the accuracy of the groove width and reduce the number of tool changes, the milling cutter with a diameter of 7 than the groove width can be used to mill the middle part of the groove first, and then use the tool radius compensation function to mill the two sides of the groove.

Ball end milling cutter, ring milling cutter, drum milling cutter, cone milling cutter and disc milling cutter are often used in machining solid curved surface or variable bevel profile.

When the machining allowance is small and the requirement of surface roughness is high, the face milling cutter with cubic boron nitride blade or ceramic insert blade can be selected for high-speed cutting.

According to the principle of NC machining, the overall consideration is made according to the requirements of workpiece processing drawings, and the format specified by CNC milling machine is used for editing. Computer gong processing, Dongguan high-speed computer gong processing, Dongguan mold processing, Dongguan Mechanical parts processing and CNC machining are input according to the action sequence. Thus, we can know the precise machining technology of CNC lathe while compiling the NC program It is also necessary.

1. Determine the process flow. The processing technology of CNC milling machine is very similar to that of ordinary machine tool. Through analyzing the workpiece, specify the processing route, select the processing procedure, select the machine tool, fixture and cutter. Determine the equipment baseline position and cutting amount. The difference is that CNC machine tools need to program the operation process.

2. Calculate the tool coordinate value. In order to facilitate the programming and calculation of tool path coordinates. The coordinates of the workpiece and the size and shape of the part must be calculated first, so as to determine the whole machining path of the tool.

3. Write processing program, for simple workpiece can be written manually, but for complex processing workpiece, automatic programming is needed.

4. There are many ways to input program into CNC system, such as computer gong processing, Dongguan high-speed computer gong processing, Dongguan mold processing, Dongguan Mechanical parts processing, CNC processing, which are mainly completed by the operation panel of the CNC control system, and the interface between the computer and the CNC system can be connected to input the program through the computer.

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