Attention details of CNC external grinder


Attention details of CNC external grinder

12 details to be paid attention to in maintenance of CNC external grinder

  1. before grinding, please check the balance of the positive wheel of the CNC external grinder.
  2. the grinding wheel must be selected carefully according to the material and hardness of the work.
  3. the main shaft end and the grinding wheel flange shall be coated with thin oil film to prevent rust.
  4. please pay attention to the rotation direction of spindle of CNC external grinder.
  5. it is forbidden to use air gun to clean the work objects and machines.
  6. please pay attention to whether the oil circuit of oil window is smooth.
  7. vacuum box and filter steel, please clean it once a week.
  8. if the suction is weak, please check whether the dust pipe is blocked by dust.
  9. the vacuum pipe of CNC external grinder must be kept clean, otherwise it will cause combustion.

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