Causes of rust in chrome plating of 45# steel

Causes of rust in chrome plating of 45# steel

Why does chrome plating on 45# steel rust? In fact, 45# steel chrome plating will not rust. If there is rust, there must be a reason. Let’s have a look

There are several reasons for the rust of chrome plating of spare parts during the processing of mechanical parts,

  1. The part is not thrown to the position during chrome plating, and the chrome plating chemical solution cannot hold the part surface, so it will rust after use for a period of time;
  2. The mechanical parts are not placed in the liquid medicine for enough time, so that the chromium plating layer on the surface is thin, and the surface will rust if it is scratched during the assembly of mechanical parts;
  3. When the surface is chrome plated, the temperature of the liquid medicine is not enough, so that the machined parts can not meet the treatment requirements, and it will be easy to rust later! The inquirer listened to us and understood why 45# steel rusted after chrome plating. This is also caused by incorrect chromium plating surface treatment and addition process.

The above is 45# why the chrome plating of steel rusts. Thanks for sharing!


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