Characteristics of CNC machining center


Characteristics of CNC machining center

CNC machining center has good processing consistency and economic benefits. Compared with other CNC machine tools, it has the following characteristics

  1. When the workpiece is complex and the process flow is very long, it can eliminate the human interference factors in the process flow, and has high production efficiency and quality stability.
  2. Due to the centralized working procedure and the automatic tool changing device, the workpiece can complete the complex processing of milling, drilling, boring, expanding, reaming and tapping with accuracy requirements after one clamping.
  3. When there is an automatic exchange table, when a workpiece is being processed, the other table can realize the clamping of the workpiece, so as to greatly shorten the auxiliary time and improve the processing efficiency.
  4. The larger the tool capacity is, the wider the machining range is, and the higher the flexible program is.

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