Clamping method in CNC machining parts

Clamping method in CNC machining parts

In the machining industry, there is such a machining machine tool. The operation process is completely commanded by technicians with computer programming code. It belongs to precision machining equipment, which is often referred to as CNC machining. Today, let’s briefly understand the clamping methods in CNC machining parts

Before CNC machining parts, different clamping methods need to be selected for the size of parts. What kinds of clamping methods are there in the process of part processing? The first is to clamp the parts with the jaw, which is suitable for the processing of parts with small appearance and without exceeding the jaw range; Thirdly, it is directly fixed to the platform for processing. Generally, it is the processing of large and complex parts, because fixed on the platform can also improve the processing quality; Finally, the fixture is used to clamp parts for processing. For some batch parts or mass parts processing, the main advantage is accurate positioning processing and improve production and processing efficiency!

The above is the description of clamping methods in CNC machining parts.


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