CNC computer gong processing to prevent collision


CNC computer gong processing to prevent collision

Due to the high cost of NC machining, in order to save the cost, a NC machining simulation system is developed. NC machining simulation system can reduce or even completely eliminate the process of trial cutting and manual verification. Before the actual processing of new NC machining program, the programmer can use NC machining simulation system to carry out virtual machining environment and machining process on the computer, and detect the possible problems in the program design.

In the process of NC machining, it is easy to over cut, under cut and other phenomena. At the same time, the damage of the tool, or the processing of waste products, the interference and collision between parts and tools, tools and fixtures, tools and worktable, will cause a certain waste of cost to the production. The NC machining simulation system can simulate the relevant programs well and reduce the loss to the greatest extent.

Before the actual processing, the programmer can confirm whether the finished cutting product is consistent with the original design drawing through the simulation system, and can make better detail analysis.

collision detection

In the actual processing, five axis NC machining has more advantages than three-axis NC machining, can achieve a wider range, has faster material and efficiency, can reduce processing time and improve surface accuracy. However, because of the high degree of freedom of the two additional rotating shafts, it is easy to collide and damage the machine tool.

Therefore, before the actual processing, we need to use the NC machining simulation system to detect the collision. The main detection algorithms are as follows

The machine tool includes many parts, but the collision detection algorithm between different parts is similar. The simulation system takes the tool, workpiece and fixture as the main research object to detect the possible global collision.

  1. According to the tool location, the grid voxel model of the cutter head scanning body and the grid voxel model of the cutter handle scanning body are solved respectively. The tool holder scanning body is used to detect whether there is a global collision between the tool, workpiece and fixture, and the tool head scanning body is used to calculate the intersection between the tool and workpiece.
  2. A feature attribute of voxel model is cuboid envelope box, which is used for rough judgment. If the envelope box does not intersect, the objects surrounded in the envelope box must not intersect. At this time, the position data information of the object envelope box is updated, and other information remains unchanged, so as to prepare for the generation of the next cutter scanning volume and collision detection. Rough judgment can speed up the detection Speed.
  3. Once a collision occurs, the system stops reading the data and reports the error information and the exact location of the collision. If there is no collision, the system will continue the teaching operation between the cutter head and the workpiece.

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