CNC lathe processing suitable industry

CNC lathe processing suitable industry

CNC lathe processing suitable for which industries? The following brief introduction:

CNC lathe is used for processing: straight line cylinder, oblique line cylinder, arc and various threads.

CNC lathe, turning center, is a kind of high precision, high efficiency automatic machine tool. Equipped with multi station turret or power turret, the machine tool has ordinary processing performance. It can process linear cylinder, oblique line cylinder, circular arc and various kinds of thread, groove, worm and other complex workpieces. It has various compensation performance of linear interpolation and circular interpolation, and has carried forward the excellent economic effect in the batch production of complex parts.

Numerical control technology refers to the technology of controlling the behavior of one or more mechanical equipment with digital instructions composed of numbers, ink and symbols. Numerical control usually selects general or special computer to complete digital program control, so numerical control is also called computer numerical control, referred to as CNC, overseas is usually called CNC, rarely use the meaning of NC. It usually controls the position, angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and the switch value related to the mechanical energy flow direction. The occurrence of numerical control depends on the appearance of data carrier and binary mode data operation. In 1908, the perforated sheet metal exchange data carrier came out; at the end of the 19th century, the control system with paper as data carrier and auxiliary performance was created; in 1938, qingxiangnong carried out rapid data calculation and transmission at MIT, laying the foundation of modern computer, including the basic computer digital control system. Numerical control technology is closely integrated with machine tool control. In 1952, the first CNC machine tool came out, which became an epoch-making event in the history of the world’s machinery industry and promoted the development of automation.

Numerical control technology is also called computer numerical control technology, it is the use of computers to complete the digital program control technology. This technique uses a computer to control the movement track of the equipment and the operation sequence logic of the peripheral devices according to the control program stored in advance. Because the computer is used to replace the numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuit, the storage, processing, calculation, logic inference and other control functions of input operation instructions can be completed through computer software. The micro instructions generated by processing are transmitted to the servo drive device, driving motor or hydraulic actuator to start the equipment running.

Traditional machining is manual operation of ordinary machine tools. When machining, metal is cut by hand, and the accuracy of products is measured by eyes with calipers and other equipment. The modern industry has already used the machine tools controlled by computer Digitalization for homework. CNC machine tools may as well follow the program prepared by technical staff to automatically process any products and parts directly. This is what we call CNC machining. NC machining is not only used in any boundary of all mechanical processing, but also the development trend and important and necessary technical means of mold processing.

The above is the practical boundary of CNC lathe processing, I hope to help you.

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