CNC machining surface treatment process!

CNC machining surface treatment process!

In the field of precision CNC machining, surface treatment technology is needed for machined parts with high requirements for strength and toughness. Let’s take a look at the surface treatment process of CNC machining:

  1. In the hardware mold industry, the process polishing technology of mold accessories processed by CNC is a very important link, and it is also an important process in the process of workpiece processing. The machining surface treatment process of precision mechanical parts is very important in the machining process. It is worth reminding that the mold surface polishing treatment of precision parts is not only affected by the process and polishing equipment, but also affected by the specularity of part materials. This has not been paid enough attention in the current machining, which also shows that, The polishing process itself is affected by the material.
  2. Precision CNC machining. At present, the machining technology to improve the surface performance of precision parts is constantly innovated and upgraded, but the most widely used in precision CNC parts machining are mainly hardening film deposition, nitriding and carburizing technology. Because nitriding technology can obtain a high level of surface properties, and the process of nitriding technology is very consistent with the quenching process of steel in precision parts.
  3. Details of surface treatment. The nitriding temperature is very low, so there is no need for fierce cooling process after nitriding technology treatment, so the deformation of precision machined parts will be very small. Therefore, nitriding technology is also one of the early technologies used to strengthen surface properties in the processing of precision mechanical parts, and it is also widely used at present.

The above is about the surface treatment process of CNC machining.


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