CNC milling head configuration


CNC milling head configuration

1. The vertical milling head is equipped with tx400 heavy gantry milling head and double rectangular guide rail with strong rigidity;

2. Milling head equipped with ball screw, pneumatic broach device, computer gong processing, Dongguan computer gong processing, Shenzhen computer gong processing, mechanical parts processing, Guangzhou computer gong processing has servo motor drive;

3. The side milling head is equipped with V5 type gantry milling head, Dongguan high-speed computer gong processing is equipped with independent lubrication device, and the lifting is driven by ordinary reducer and frequency conversion speed regulation;

4. The three-axis CNC system with one key conversion from general milling to CNC milling can be programmed and operated manually by using the extended panel, which is highly realizable in the actual machining process;

5. The machine bed forward and backward, beam up and down, vertical milling head up and down are equipped with Taiwan ball screw, driven by servo motor;

6. Equipped with synchronous belt and synchronous wheel;

7. Hand held electronic hand wheel unit, convenient for three axis tool setting;

8. Dongguan machine parts processing unique beam lifting safety interlock device to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool;

9. The cycloid pump set is lubricated continuously with low failure rate.

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