CNC milling machine programming

CNC milling machine programming

(l) Before writing or programming processing, the workpiece processing program should be prepared first. When the workpiece processing program is long and complex, it is better to program on the machine tool. When using the programming machine or computer programming sample to avoid occupying the machine, the short program should also be written on the program sheet

(2) Start the machine first and then turn on the machine. The system has the design of interlock. The power on of the machine tool is displayed on the CRT

(3) Back to the reference point for incremental control system (using incremental position detection element) machine tool, the first step must be taken to establish the coordinate moving datum of the machine tool

(4) According to the program storage medium (paper tape or magnetic tape, disk), the debugging program is input by paper tape reader, cassette tape machine, programming machine or serial port communication. If the simple program is directly input into CNC control panel by keyboard, if the program is very simple and only the workpiece program is not saved, it is necessary to use MDI mode to input and process segment by segment. In addition, the program uses workpiece origin, tool parameters, and so on Offset and various compensation must be input before processing

(5) If the program editing input program needs to be modified, the editing operation must be carried out. At this time, the mode selection switch is set to the editing position, and the edit key is used to add, delete and change. For the editing method, see the corresponding instructions

(6) Machine lock running program this step checks the program, if there is an error, you need to edit again

(7) The workpiece is loaded and the tool alignment and tool setting are continuously moved by manual incremental movement, or the tool starting point of the machine tool is moved to the start of the program and the tool reference is aligned

(8) Starting coordinate feed for continuous processing generally adopts memory program processing mode, which has lower failure rate than using program processing on paper tape. The feed speed is adjusted by feed rate switch. Press feed hold button to pause feed movement, observe processing condition or conduct manual measurement, and then press the cycle start button to resume processing, so as to ensure that the program is correct. Before processing, recheck the over milling It is more intuitive to use pencil instead of tool paper when machining plane curve workpiece. If the system has the function of tool path simulation, it can be used to check the correctness of the program

CNC manufacturers introduce the programming method of milling machine

1、 Programming method of NC milling machine

In order to learn NC milling machine programming well, we must understand the operation points of CNC milling machine. Most of the existing textbooks do not regard the operation and programming of CNC milling machine as a whole.

2、 Setting machine coordinate system of CNC milling machine

CNC milling machine manufacturers introduced CNC milling machine coordinate system determination method is similar to CNC lathe, but CNC milling machine has x, y, Z three axis. Confirm the machine coordinate system by returning to the mechanical zero point. After the machine is turned on, the worktable will return to the machine tool origin (or reference point, which is a point with a fixed distance from the origin of the machine tool). CNC milling machine return to zero, the steps are: the switch is placed in the “return to zero” position. Press the manual axis feed direction keys + X, + y, + Z until the return to zero indicator light is on. Setting the mechanical origin of machine tool is directly related to g54 instruction in programming.

3、 Setting workpiece coordinate system of CNC milling machine

Workpiece coordinate system is the coordinate system used in programming, also known as programming coordinate system. The coordinate system is artificially set. The establishment of workpiece coordinate system is an essential step before CNC milling machine processing. CNC milling machine establishes workpiece coordinate system by tool setting.

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