Cold work hardening of CNC parts

Cold work hardening of CNC parts

In the process of processing, we usually encounter large and small problems, which are very common to us. When we encounter problems, we need to solve the problems, rather than let it go. CNC parts processing is one of them. So what are the main factors affecting the cold work hardening of CNC parts processing.

Processed material factor: the hardness of the processed material is small, and the greater the plasticity, the more serious the cold work hardening of the material is.

Tool shape factor: CNC machining tool front angle, edge fillet and tool back wear have a great impact on the cold work hardening layer. The depth and hardness of the hardened layer increase with the decrease of the rake angle and the increase of the wear loss of the edge and back.

Cutting parameters of CNC parts: the change of cutting speed and feed rate has a great influence on cold work hardening. With the increase of cutting speed, the contact time between the tool and the workpiece is short, the plastic deformation degree is small, and the hardening layer and hardness are reduced. With the increase of feed rate, the degree of plastic deformation and the degree of surface cold work hardening increase.

The above are the main factors affecting the cold work hardening of CNC parts. These phenomena may be caused by these factors. As long as the above factors are avoided, there will be no hardening phenomenon. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the processing.

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