Division of CNC production process

Division of CNC production process

In the field of machining, CNC machining center belongs to precision machining equipment. When dividing the production and processing technology of parts, we must understand the structure and technology of machining parts, the function of CNC machining center, the number of parts processing steps, the number of installation times and the production organization status of machining plant. According to the accuracy requirements of processing parts, reasonable selection of production process division (processing technology). Let’s take a look at the following introduction of parts flow division:

In CNC machining process, the centralized sorting method of cutting tools: it refers to the cutting tools dividing the working procedures, using the same cutting tool to process all the parts that can be completed. With the second knife and the third, they can complete other parts. This can reduce the number of tool change, compress the idle time and reduce unnecessary positioning error. So as to improve the efficiency of production and processing!

Thirdly, it is based on the part sorting method: for the mechanical parts with a lot of processing content, the CNC processing part can be divided into several parts according to its structural characteristics, such as steps, shape, surface or plane, etc. Generally, the plane and positioning surface are machined first, and then the hole is machined; First the simple geometry is processed, then the complex geometry is processed; The parts with lower precision should be processed first, and then the parts with higher precision should be processed. The processing steps must be clear.

Machining is generally divided into rough machining and finish machining, here is also the rough and finish machining sequence method: for parts prone to machining deformation, due to the deformation that may occur after CNC rough machining, it is necessary to carry out shape correction, so generally speaking, all the processes that need to be rough and finish machining should be separated. Ensure machining accuracy, improve production quality!

The above is the production process division of CNC machining center.

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