Hardness requirements of CNC machining materials


Hardness requirements of CNC machining materials

In the field of mechanical processing industry, the hardness requirements of non-standard accessories, fixture, automation equipment parts and so on are determined according to the selected materials. Generally, aluminum alloy, POM saigang, Q235, brass and other materials do not need quenching treatment, so they are suitable for machining fixture accessories and mechanical equipment parts and so on. There are no material hardness requirements for parts processing.

In metal materials, there are many materials, such as Cr12, 45, 50, SKD11, SKD61, which can meet certain hardness requirements according to the surface heat treatment process, such as equipment shaft fittings or mold blade, The main role is to extend the life of spare parts and achieve the corresponding effect! In the machining line, we always choose different heat treatment process to achieve the required hardness according to the processing process requirements on the production drawings. The hardness requirement of equipment parts after processing directly affects the selection of materials.

The above is the concept of material hardness requirements for mechanical parts processing, thank you for sharing.

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