How to process complex parts with computer gong


How to process complex parts with computer gong

The continuous fine blanking die for complex parts is the frontier basic technology of fine blanking technology, and it is expected to promote the whole fine blanking technology in China. Taking the synchronizer gear ring, clutch plate, longitudinal compound continuous fine blanking process and continuous fine blanking die for complex parts as the breakthrough point, the key technology of fine blanking die design and manufacturing is studied, so as to realize the rapid improvement of fine blanking die technology in China and shorten the gap with advanced countries as soon as possible.

  1. Study on the life promotion of fine blanking die and its related key technologies

Die life is a comprehensive reflection of die material, small craft and supporting product level,

It can not only solve the problem that the life of fine blanking die is too low, but also promote the technical development of die materials, fine blanking process, supporting tooling and other auxiliary products.

  1. Research and development of fine blanking precision forging composite technology

Precision blanking and precision forging are two advanced manufacturing technologies developed in parallel. If the precision blanking parts are too thick and need precision forging, the precision forging must be too thin. They are closely related. The basic idea of developing precision forging and fine blanking compound process is to find the combination point of the two processes (such as gear parts with wheel hub and cam parts with short shaft). The precision forging in China has a long history and has a high level, so it is a good way to improve the overall level of precision blanking technology in China.

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