Methods of improving CNC machining

Methods of improving CNC machining

(1) The size and structure of all kinds of parts are very different, and the universality of machine tools and other process equipment is not high.

(2) Many companies are usually faced with the production task of multi variety, small batch and short production cycle, so the process system is required to have a higher response speed.

(3) The structure of product parts is complex and the processing is difficult.

(4) Thin wall, easy to produce processing deformation. There are a lot of thin-walled and deep cavity structures, which are typical weak rigid structures.

(5) It is difficult to select cutting tools and cutting parameters. Because the development of tool industry can’t catch up with the development and application of new materials, and lack of the support of machining database.

So how to improve the efficiency of CNC machining? Generally speaking, the methods to improve the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools are as follows:

1、 Change the understanding of numerical control technology.

Numerical control technology is a comprehensive technology, in addition to the numerical control machine tool, there must be corresponding supporting technology and personnel support, especially in the numerical control processing process, people play a decisive role, the technical ability of management personnel, engineering and technical personnel, engineering maintenance personnel and operators will affect the production efficiency of numerical control machine tool.

2、 Develop effective tool management measures.

For example, the tool is pre adjusted to reduce the installation and adjustment time of the tool on the machine tool, and the tool is managed through the management system to reduce the errors caused by manual management.

3、 Fixture management.

Because the selection of fixture is directly related to the installation time and measurement time of workpiece, the management of fixture should be realized.

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