Plane accuracy of ordinary milling machine


Plane accuracy of ordinary milling machine

Completely rely on technicians independently operate x, y, Z axis coordinates, simple mechanical equipment parts, hardware parts hole, plane, step, keyway processing, such processing machine is called ordinary milling machine. In the field of mechanical processing industry, the status of ordinary milling machine was very important in the early days. At that time, the CNC processing equipment was not extended, and the processing of mechanical parts, hardware parts, fixture and fixture all depended on ordinary milling machine, lathe and grinder. At any time, the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry continued to progress, and the ordinary processing machine tool could not meet the needs of the mechanical processing industry.

At present, the ordinary milling machine is mainly for single piece, small batch parts processing, although the processing accuracy requirements are not high, but has advantages. Especially for the plane machining of mechanical equipment parts, it can be rough machining, finish machining, and can also help to clamp the workpiece. The precision of the plane machining of the workpiece depends on the size of the workpiece platform. Generally, the plane machining precision of mechanical parts can be controlled within 0.1 mm, and finally it can be processed according to the customer’s drawing.

The above is the ordinary milling machine processing plane precision can achieve how much, thank you for sharing!


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