PMM alarm of computer gong machining center system

PMM alarm of computer gong machining center system

If there is no emergency stop and alarm, the alarm will be sent out if there is no emergency stop and alarm. Therefore, all channels of the above CNC machining center are fault points.

  1. Check whether the plugs of CNC machining center are in poor contact, including command line and feedback line.
  2. Check whether the LED has display, if not, it is the board is not powered on or the power circuit is broken.
  3. Check whether the AC voltage of external CNC machining center is normal.
  4. Check whether the DC voltage on the control board is normal. If there is any abnormality, the CNC machining center shall check whether the fuse on the board and the power circuit on the board are burnt out. If it cannot be repaired by itself, replace the amplifier or send it back to the manufacturer for repair.
  5. Carefully observe whether the green light of pay in CNC machining center turns on and off, or it doesn’t pull in at all. If it is closed and then disconnected, it may be that the contact of the relay is not good. Replace the relay. If it is a working environment with woodworking machinery or dust, it can be basically judged that the contact of the relay is not good. If it doesn’t pull in at all, the relay coil of the unit is not good or the control board is not good or there is a broken line, which can be judged by measuring the coil resistance of the relay.

How to deal with scratches after machining holes in computer gong machining center

  1. See if you can change the next processing parameters, it may be unreasonable to set the parameters.
  2. On the other hand, the effective way to avoid scratch is to use boring instead of drilling, and the process selection is wrong.
  3. First of all, you need to see the processing drawing to know that if the thickness of the workpiece processed by the CNC machining center is not very thick, reamer can be used.
  4. It’s also possible that your coolant water speed is slow and the amount of water is not enough, and the chips can’t be discharged.
  5. CNC machining bit angle grinding point, and your penetration rate is too high

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