The function of CNC computer gong processing


The function of CNC computer gong processing

Computer gong processing is now widely used in daily life

The parts with complex structure and shape, which are difficult to be processed by ordinary machine tools, need multi coordinate linkage processing when the main surface is composed of complex curves and curved surfaces, which is difficult or even impossible to be completed on ordinary machine tools. Numerical control processing equipment is the most effective equipment for processing such parts. The common typical parts of computer gong processing are cam, integral impeller and mold.

① There are various kinds of curved disc cam, cylindrical cam, conical cam and end face cam. When machining, according to the complexity of the cam surface, three axis, four axis or five axis machining center can be selected.

② Integral impellers are commonly used in aero-engine compressors, air compressors, marine underwater propellers, etc,

In addition to the characteristics of general curved surface machining, there are many special machining difficulties in mold machining, such as narrow channel, easy tool contact with machined surface and adjacent curved surface.

The CNC center of parts with both plane and hole system has automatic tool changing device. In one installation, it can complete the milling of the upper plane of parts and the multi-step machining of hole system, such as drilling, boring, reaming, milling and tapping. The processing part can be on one plane or on different planes. The pentahedron machining center can complete the machining of five surfaces except the clamping surface. Therefore, the parts with both plane and hole system are the preferred processing objects of computer gongs. The common parts include box parts and plate, sleeve and plate parts.

① There are plane, curved surface and hole system on the end face of parts, and some radial holes are often distributed in the radial direction. The vertical processing equipment should be selected for the disc, sleeve and plate parts whose processing parts are concentrated on a single end face, and the horizontal processing equipment should be selected for the parts whose processing parts are not located on the surface in the same direction.

② Box parts are common box parts. Box parts generally need multi station hole system and plane processing, with high accuracy requirements, especially the shape accuracy and position accuracy. They usually need to go through milling, drilling, expanding, boring, reaming, countersinking, tapping and other steps, and need more tools. It is difficult to process on ordinary machine tools, and the number of tooling sets is large. It needs multiple clamping and alignment, and manual measurement times are many, so the accuracy is not easy Guarantee. The last installation of CNC machining center can complete 60% ~ 95% of the process content of ordinary machine tool, with good consistency of parts precision, stable quality and short production cycle.

Now, the middle and low-grade CNC has such a large function that it may also be accepted by users to process molds. It is generally considered that CNC is the limiting factor to determine the maximum feed rate of die processing, but now, the limiting factor is often the structure of the machine tool itself. If the machine itself is already running at its performance limit, a better CNC will not transmit more functions

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