The standard of CNC programming program

The standard of CNC programming program

It takes 1-2 months to be very familiar with. The automatic programming software is a bit complicated and needs to be learned. But it is not difficult for CAD.

In practice, one is:

  1. Readable, well organized, and understood by everyone in the operator.
  2. The program instructions should be as few as possible for the purpose of simple, practical and reliable. From the point of view of programming, I think that the instruction G00 G01 and other auxiliary instructions are convenient for programming.
  3. Easy to adjust. Parts machining accuracy need to be fine tuned is the best without changing the plan. Tool wear, for example, adjustment, just change the tool offset table length, radius.
  4. Easy to operate. Programming will be based on the characteristics of machine operation, conducive to observation, inspection, measurement, safety, and so on. The same parts, for example, the same processing content, in the vertical machining center and horizontal machining center processing, are certainly not the same.

In machining, the simplest method is the best. As long as there is practical experience of the peer, will certainly agree with this sentence!

Skillfully operate CNC machine tools

This requires 1 – 2 years of research, operation delicate feeling, beginners, especially college students, know how to do, can not listen. Learn in this process: operation mode of installation system, clamp, datum alignment, knife, setting zero point offset, setting tool radius, length compensation, compensation, handling of tool and loading and unloading, grinding tools, measurement, skilled use of vernier caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, dial indicator, rod diameter indicator, etc.

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