What problems do you often encounter in CNC processing?

What problems do you often encounter in CNC processing?

In this era of rapid development, the use of mechanical equipment processing, CNC processing, has been very common, but to achieve the quality, or accuracy, or the details of the processing, or the level of operators, many people will have doubts, what are these CNC, in fact, CNC, which we often say processing center, plays an increasingly important role in modern furniture production The more important the position is, you can say that it is the “production line standard configuration”, or you can think of it as a “necessary good tool”.

CNC processing, CNC processing economy will be affected by what factors

What principle should the arrangement of processing sequence follow? The arrangement of machining sequence should be considered according to the structure and blank condition of the parts, as well as the need of positioning and clamping. The key point is that the rigidity of the workpiece will not be damaged. Generally, the sequence should be carried out according to the following principles:

① The processing of the previous process cannot affect the positioning and clamping of the next process, and the machining process of general machine tool should be considered comprehensively.

② The inner shape and inner cavity processing sequence is carried out first, and then the contour processing process is carried out.

③ In order to reduce the times of repeated positioning, tool changing and pressing plate moving, it is better to connect the processes with the same positioning, clamping mode or the same tool.

④ For multiple procedures in the same installation, the process with less damage to the rigidity of the workpiece should be arranged first.

How to determine the tool setting point is reasonable? The tool setting point can be set on the part to be processed, but the tool setting point must be the reference position or the position that has been finished. Sometimes the tool setting point is damaged after the first process, which will lead to the second process and subsequent tool setting point can not be found. Therefore, in the first process of tool setting, it is necessary to set up a relative tool setting position where there is a relatively fixed dimension relationship with the positioning datum, so that the original tool setting point can be retrieved according to the relative position relationship between them. This relative tool setting position is usually set on the machine tool table or fixture, and the selection principle is as follows:

① Easy to find

② Programming is convenient

③ Small tool setting error

④ Inspection during processing

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