ypes of machining methods


ypes of machining methods

In the field of mechanical processing industry, most of the manufacturers are engaged in the processing of ordinary milling machines and lathes, and there are also precision machining manufacturers. Because it is a more detailed industry, its production corresponds to the processing of other machine tools, the processing process is relatively complex, and the requirements for product quality error are very strict, Ordinary machine tools can’t do it. The following is a brief description of the precision machining method:

Classification of machining process: corresponding to different mechanical parts processing, there are different processing machine tools, the most common are lathe (general lathe), milling machine (general milling), grinder, wire cutting, desktop lathe and so on. The processing of complex mechanical equipment parts needs high precision machine tools.

The method of precision machining mainly depends on the process steps: the processing technology of precision parts is reasonable, improving the quality of parts processing, at the same time, it can also create efficiency for enterprises. Generally provide precision machining machine tools and equipment are: CNC processing (computer gong), CNC lathe, compound turning and milling processing, precision parts with special accuracy requirements, can be processed with four axis, five axis CNC, and finally according to the customer’s drawing processing requirements!

The above is how many kinds of precision machining methods, thank you for your attention!

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