Application of coordinate measuring instrument

Application of coordinate measuring instrument

It is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. It can detect the size, shape and mutual position of parts and components, such as box, guide rail, turbine and blade, cylinder block, cam, gear shape and other space surface measurement. In addition, it can also be used for scribing, centering hole, photolithography integrated circuit, etc., and can scan continuous curved surface and prepare machining program of CNC machine tool. Because of its versatility, wide measurement range, high precision, high efficiency, good performance, and can be connected with flexible manufacturing system, it has become a kind of large precision instrument.

With the development of CMM market, CMM, as a modern large-scale precision instrument, has shown its importance and broad development prospects. It can measure the three-dimensional dimension of space conveniently and realize on-line detection and automatic measurement.

Its advantages are as follows:

  1. It has strong versatility, can realize the measurement of spatial coordinates, and can easily measure the three-dimensional outline size and position accuracy of various parts;
  2. The measurement is accurate and reliable
  3. It is convenient for data processing and program control. Therefore, it can be incorporated into automatic production and flexible processing line, and become an important part. At present, CMM is developing rapidly at home and abroad. Famous foreign manufacturers include Zeiss and Leitz of Germany, DEA of Italy, Brown & Sharpe of America, Mitutoyo of Japan, etc. With the development of various industries, the development of coordinate measuring instruments will also be rapid.

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