Computer gong processing to prevent collision

Computer gong processing to prevent collision

Under the condition of such high speed and structure, once the operator has no time to press the emergency stop button due to programming and operation errors, the tool has collided with the workpiece. In order to prevent machine tool and personal troubles, the following methods can be adopted in programming and operation (take FANUC system as an example).

The origin of the workpiece coordinate system set by the programmer should be outside the workpiece blank, at least on the workpiece surface.

Under normal conditions, the origin of workpiece coordinate system can be set anywhere, as long as the origin has a certain connection with the origin of machine coordinate system. But in practice, if the command value is zero or close to zero, the tool will point to zero or close to zero. In milling, the cutter will run to the table or fixture base surface; in turning, it will run to the chuck base surface. In this way, the tool will penetrate the workpiece and point directly at the reference plane. At this moment, if you want to move quickly, you will have trouble.

FANUC system generally set: when the decimal point is omitted, it is the minimum input unit, generally μ M. When the decimal point is omitted, the input value will be reduced to one thousandth. At this moment, the input value will be close to zero. Perhaps, due to other factors, the tool should be separated from the workpiece, but the practice is not separated from the workpiece and into the workpiece. In this case, the zero point of the workpiece coordinate system should be set outside the workpiece or on the base surface of the worktable (or fixture), and the result will be different.

Programmers and operators should be more careful about decimal points when writing programs.

FANUC system is the minimum setting unit when the decimal point is omitted, while most domestic systems and some European and American systems are mm when the decimal point is omitted, which is the input method of calculator. If you are used to calculator input method, there will be problems in FANUC system. Many programmers and operators may use both systems. In order to prevent the scale from getting smaller due to decimal point, decimal point should be added to the input program of calculator. But it’s not because of the habit of doing something like this.

In order to make the decimal point eye-catching, the isolated decimal point is usually written as “. 0” in programming. Of course, when the system is executed, the zero after the decimal point of the value is ignored.

When adjusting the workpiece coordinate system, the operator should set the reference point beyond the physical (geometric) length of all tools, at least on the tool position of the longest tool.

For the workpiece coordinate system on the workpiece installation drawing, the operator obtains it by setting the machine coordinate system offset on the CNC machining center. In other words, the operator sets a reference point on the CNC machining center, finds the scale between the reference point and the zero point of the workpiece coordinate system set by the programmer, and sets this scale as the workpiece coordinate system offset.

On the lathe, the datum point can be set on the base of turret rotation, the datum tool tip or other directions. If there is no additional movement, the zero of the programmer’s instruction is the zero position of the tool rest (CNC machining center) moving to the offset. At this moment, if the datum point is set at the base of turret rotation, the turret must collide with the workpiece. In order to avoid collision, the datum point of CNC machining center should not only be set outside the tool holder, but also outside all tools. In this way, even if the tool is installed on the tool holder, the datum point will not collide with the workpiece.

In CNC machining center, the datum points of X and Y axes are on the axis line of spindle. However, the reference point of the z-axis can be set at the spindle end or at a point other than the spindle end. If it is at the spindle end, when the command is zero, the spindle end will reach the zero position specified in the coordinate system. At this moment, the end key of the spindle end will collide with the workpiece: if the spindle is equipped with a tool again, it will collide with the workpiece. To ensure that there is no collision, the reference point on the z-axis should be set beyond all tool lengths. Even if no other motion is attached, the reference point will not hit the workpiece.

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