Installation of gantry milling machine


Installation of gantry milling machine

What points should be paid attention to when machining and installing workpieces with gantry milling machine

When machining and installing workpieces with gantry milling machine, if it is necessary to use pad iron, a certain thickness of copper plate (about 5mm) should be padded between the pad iron and the worktable, and a thin copper sheet should be padded between the pad iron and the worktable to prevent the surface of the worktable and workpieces from producing marks. When using pad iron, pay attention to the pad iron and the fixing screw as low as possible, And the iron pad should be placed outside a certain area of the workpiece processing range, in order to avoid the damage caused by the impact of the iron pad on the tool head and tool chuck. When loading and unloading workpieces, it is necessary to handle them with care to reduce the friction and movement of workpieces on the worktable as far as possible. It is forbidden to drag workpieces on the worktable of the machine tool by using the edges and corners of many workpieces as support points (this will seriously scratch the worktable of the machine tool and affect the flatness of the worktable). It is forbidden to place tools such as socket, screw wrench, screw, rubber hammer, oilstone, file, etc. on the worktable of the machine tool to prevent damage Damage the working table of the machine tool. Operation method of gantry milling: before starting the machine, first check whether the lubricating oil is appropriate and whether the machine is in normal state, then turn on the machine power (turn the knob from “off” to “on” when turning on the machine power), then turn on the power switch of the control panel and turn out the emergency stop key.

After the machine is started, the origin of the machine tool will return and the tool magazine will return to zero. Before the origin return, check whether the position of the tool relative to the workpiece is safe, and then determine how to return the origin (the machine tool can return to the zero position according to the sequence of axes). Select zero return (machine tool origin return); select arc manual → press Magazing zero return (tool magazine return). Check the shift record to make clear today’s tasks and precautions. For each workpiece, check in advance whether the processing program is complete, whether the tools are complete and in good condition, number the tools, and write the tool number on the tool with a marker pen. Easy to check. According to the programmer’s requirements, prepare the workpiece and fixture, and determine the method of clamping the workpiece (the bottom of the work should be polished with an oilstone).

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