Listen attentively to the customer’s needs

Listen attentively to the customer’s needs

In the middle of May this year, at the Dongguan Electronics Show, Mr. Li knew Mr. Li. He was very impressed by Mr. Li for a long time. At the beginning, I didn’t speak. When I explained it, I just nodded and finished all the automation equipment of my department. But I found that Mr. Li is in our X3S labeling machine and AGV on the side of the board for a long time, so I pay attention to the introduction of the labeling machine and the performance of the AGV on the board, working principle, efficiency, precision, including equipment materials and accessories. After the introduction, Mr. Li handed me a business card and I knew it belonged to our end customer.

Since the end of the exhibition, Mr. Li has been in contact with him. The time passed quickly, and by the end of June, I suddenly received Mr. Li’s WeChat yesterday, so that I could send the company’s location to him to visit the company. I was stunned for a few minutes at that time, because I was just on a business trip outside, no matter how much I drove, and the time was too late. But since the customer has already issued such a signal, it can not be refused. Time waits for no man. I will call the same sales colleague and ask him to help me. When I got the confirmation from my colleague and immediately called the customer, I got the customer’s understanding, and gave the client’s contact to the customer.

At eight o’clock in the evening, I received Mr. Li’s mail and asked me to make an offer for the X3S labelling machine. Thank you for your trust and thanks to your colleagues.

Although this is the initial stage of cooperation, I believe that as long as we listen attentively to the needs of customers, I believe I will satisfy the customers.

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