Nylon wheels improve productivity on grinding and polishing

Nylon wheels improve productivity on grinding and polishing

We are experiencing an era of rapid technological development. Up to now, the hardware and electronic machine industry “by machine generation” trend, nylon wheel has its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging, light weight, non-toxic and other advantages to replace the ideal material for non-ferrous metals. There are two kinds of stainless steel columns, one is polishing and the other is drawing. As the name suggests, polishing stainless steel can be used as a kind of human like effect.

Nylon wheel is often used in the sand belt after sand strip light treatment and mirror front treatment, it causes high cost of polishing artificial high price naturally will also become higher. As for drawing out, the first skin of stainless steel, and then the workpiece over nylon wheel, can be finished, many people have good effect, the foreign customers who have all the love and export happy In the light of the effect of throwing, the domestic customers prefer the feeling of wire drawing and frosting. Nylon wheels are also important abrasives for surface treatment.

The nylon wheel can be conveniently installed on the existing electric or pneumatic tools, and different workpiece components can be selected according to the needs: the utility model can be used for the surface treatment and processing of various equipment, containers, hardware machines, and wood tools, which saves the previous manual work and can effectively reduce the labor intensity. High work efficiency, at the same time reduce the consumption of raw materials per unit area. There are many types of nylon wheels, generally divided into: 3P, 5P, 7P, 9P, 12P, 15P, etc. the product sand numbers are generally divided into: 90#, 120#, 150#, 180#, 240#, and so on.

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