Process of metal parts processing

Process of metal parts processing

We have hardware everywhere in our daily life, which can be said to be endless. So what is hardware? Most people don’t understand, I don’t know, I haven’t touched. Therefore, hardware, as the meaning of five kinds of metals shows, is made of gold, silver, iron, copper and aluminum as raw materials, through cutting, pressing, brazing and other physical processing, to produce all kinds of metal device parts we need.

Our common screws, nuts, etc. Do not look at the small screws so common, hardware processing into finished products seems easy. In fact, the process is quite tedious. One is to have drawings of screw samples, and then select processing equipment according to the tolerance and accuracy requirements of the drawings. After the semi-finished products are made by the equipment, the burr on the burr shall be removed by fine vibration grinding to make the surface smooth and glossy, so as to prevent the contact from hurting the user.

Finally, the surface plating process to prevent rusting is carried out according to the material requirements. Such a small screw was born, and every program should be taken seriously. In the fastener market, ordinary parts can not meet the requirements of high-end consumers, but as long as there are models and drawings, we can process them by CNC or ordinary lathe to make the parts we want. Parts are an indispensable part in our life, and play an important role in all places.

It can be said that with the transformation and upgrading of industrial modernization and the growth and development of social economy, the fastener industry of hardware processing will play an important role

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