Thinking of foreign customers positioning

Thinking of foreign customers positioning

1. reverse thinking on the rising cost of manufacturing in China

What is the challenge facing China at present? The first is that China’s cost is rising, in addition to the weakness of the traditional European and American markets, and the growing competition in emerging markets, such as Latin America, the Middle East, or the rest of Asia.

The next thing I say may be strange, from the buyer’s point of view, I think the rising cost of manufacturing in China is a good thing, because the rising cost will make the sellers think about how to improve the efficiency. Why do you say that?

For example, when I was drinking two cups of wine with my Chinese supplier ten years ago, I would ask you what your life goal is, make money as many ways as possible, buy a house and make a fortune after making money.

The situation is different now. If you want to survive, you have to become a more professional supplier and improve your competitiveness, so the rise in cost will let you think about how to improve your efficiency. My suggestion is obvious, that is, let the cost fall and the quality go up.

2. determine the target buyer!

I would like to tell you something valuable today, telling people to attract the right buyers and make the buyers feel satisfied, but it sounds easy. The reality is that many of our Chinese suppliers don’t have such a plan, such as two thousand or three thousand Chinese factories, and they don’t even have a plan to define them. It is the target buyer, how to make the buyer satisfied.

At the end of this point, it’s important that some of the ready made and customized products are also an important point. Some sellers may be good at repeating products, doing low cost products, and some suppliers are good at making customized products, so these two are different. We need to see what kind of company can determine your target customers.

3. seeking truth from facts, not exaggerating

At the same time, when our buyer goes to your page, the buyer will know what product you are doing and what your expertise is to do. ┬áMake sure that your product company’s information or sales personnel have certain language knowledge.

We need to know that it is almost impossible to find a Portuguese speaking person in Dongguan, so we can consider working with partners from overseas countries to find their own sales partners in the overseas market to help you solve the problem.

The first thing I want to say is that I know most Chinese people are very frank, because my family also has many Chinese people, and I love this country. But we find that many Chinese companies do not seem to do very well on a web site, such as the size of the company, the situation of the customer, the history of the company, the ownership of the company and so on. Sometimes the company wants to highlight itself in the market competition, and the size of the company, the longer the history, the ownership of the XX, and so on, and so on. It’s not a good thing. We have to be honest. If your company’s history is not so long, it doesn’t matter, because some customers are willing to look for such a business.

4. provide clear materials to let buyers know your business.

If you are a production enterprise, it’s impossible for you to put up a photo of your own factory, because your competitors can do it, so be more prepared, especially your quality control manual, which is not enough for ISO, who can spend thousands of dollars on a ISO certificate. So we don’t have to have a few specification books and a quality control manual. If you can submit more information, I think we can prove what a good production company is.

5. optimizes the website

Then let’s look at what a good web design is. I think the website is very important. First of all, we need to know the idea of your target customer, for example, the Brazilian mentality, what he thinks in his mind is different from what the Americans think.

6. strengthen communication with customers to make buyers trust you

Communication is so important, when an employee sends an email, he will know if the mail is satisfied with these standards, such as your attachments are added, it is wrong, the translation needs to be translated into English, the point is clear, and the time zone differences between China and the United States, so take the opportunity to hold the opportunity Do not make mistakes in the process of sending mail

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