Cutting conditions of computer gongs

Cutting conditions of computer gongs

According to the user’s processing material, hardness, cutting conditions, material selection, feed and cutting depth, the cutting speed is used.

Based on the selection of the most suitable process conditions, these factors are selected. Regular life and stable wear are the most ideal conditions.

However, in practice, the selection of tool life and tool wear, through machining size, surface quality, noise reduction, heat and so on. Under certain processing conditions, it is necessary to study CNC machining according to the actual situation. Difficult to machine materials such as stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy, can use coolant or choose a good rigid blade.

Reasonable selection of cutting tools

1。 Rough rotation, should choose high strength, good durability knife, in order to meet the large car turning, feedback.

2。 The essence of automobile is to select high precision, durable and good cutting tools to ensure the machining accuracy.

3。 Reduce the conversion time and knife convenience, should try to use machine knife and machine clip blade.

Select fixture

1。 General fixture should be selected to clamp workpiece as much as possible, and special fixture should be avoided;

2。 The coincidence of parts positioning datum reduces the positioning error.

Determine the processing route

Machining path is the part of tool path and direction relative to each other in the process of exponential control.

1。 It should be able to meet the requirements of machining accuracy and surface roughness;

2。 Shorten the processing route as far as possible and reduce the idle travel time of the tool.

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