Introduction of computer gong machine tool

Introduction of computer gong machine tool

1) Casting, which is the most important part of the computer gong, directly affects the accuracy, stability, wear resistance of the computer gong and the service life of the machine tool. After the casting is finished, it is not immediately used in the production. The good casting is that it is after wind and rain, sun exposure, natural weathering, and some of them are soaked in sea water. After the casting does not change, it is taken to the processing. The machine tool made in this way is not easy to change, and can maintain the stability and accuracy of the machine tool for a long time.

2) Spindle, the spindle is used to directly face the workpiece, it is driven by the motor to work, high-speed rotation, the spindle is equipped with a tool handle, it can chip the workpiece, meet various production needs, the quality of the spindle will directly affect the processing accuracy, if the internal bearing is worn, it is easy to cause the swing of the spindle, the accuracy of the processed things naturally has a few deviations . At present, the rotation speed of the main shaft is generally about 8000 rpm, and the high-speed machine can achieve more than 20000 rpm, and each machine has only one main shaft.

3) The screw rod is also a part of the fuselage. It is driven by a servo motor and drives the displacement of the worktable through the copper sleeve of the screw rod to meet the processing needs. If there is a gap in the screw rod, it is also directly reflected in the processing accuracy and finish.

4) There are two kinds of motors: servo motor and frequency conversion motor. The servo motor has good stability, high power of spindle drive motor and low coordination rate of three-axis drive motor.

5) The coupling is installed between the screw rod and the motor, which is just a linkage function.

6) The lubrication cooling system consists of an automatic oil pump, a spindle oil cooler and a chip liquid circulation system. When the machine tool is working, the oil can be pumped once every few minutes, and the oil pipe is connected to every corner, such as screw rod, guide rail, etc. if the oil circuit is blocked, the guide rail will be easily worn and the accuracy will be affected. Spindle oil cooling is a circulating cooling system added to cool the spindle. It is necessary or not for the spindle with 8000 revolutions, and it must be equipped for the spindle with more than 8000 revolutions. In the chip liquid circulation system, the oil in the oil tank is pumped up by the oil pumping motor and flushed to the workpiece being processed.

7) Sheet metal, sheet metal requirements are not too high, as long as there is no oil leakage on the line, but also involves the appearance of beautiful, image problems.

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