Processing automobile parts with computer gong

Processing automobile parts with computer gong

With the development of society, gold casting technology has been greatly improved. In the production process, it also reduces the environmental pollution, improves the working environment, improves the production technology and level, which is of great help to the development of the casting industry, so as to promote the development of the automobile industry. The domestic and international markets have more and more stringent requirements on the quality and cost price of automobile forgings, such as draft angle, weight tolerance, size, machining allowance, etc., and the price is not ideal, but the batch is large. In order to meet the needs of the market, this paper analyzes the process and repeated practice, and finds an ideal process, which is of great significance to the production of similar products.

Introduction of products and determination of process plan

The arm body is a part used on the brake pump of a heavy vehicle, and the structure is shown in Fig. 1. There are several difficulties in forging: (1) the draft angle is small, only 3 ° outside and 5 ° inside, while the ejection device only has one place in the ∮ 62 hole; (2) the machining allowance is small, only boring and broaching are used for ∮ 62 and square groove of 23.2mm; (3) 10 – ∮ 6.2 * 5 these 10 nails are difficult to fill, and the location requirements are high, and the root fillet of the nails is r0.2, which makes the die wear faster and easy to bump and cause deformation in the production process.

Determination of process plan

In order to adapt to mass production and improve efficiency, we have determined the following processes: (intermediate frequency furnace) heating / (cross wedge rolling) / (25000kN hot die forging press) bending / pre forging / final forging / (3150kN double point press) punching / trimming / normalizing / shot peening / precision pressing. In the technological process, two pieces at a time are used for heating billet, the handle of the part is long and thin, and the blank making efficiency of single piece by free forging is low. The cross wedge rolling billet (as shown in Fig. 2) is adopted and cut into two pieces on the rolling mill at the same time. Because the cross section of the parts changes greatly, it takes two wedges to complete from ∮ 55 to ∮ 23, so it is difficult to process and repair the rolling die.

In addition to ensuring the size of the head and shank, it is more important to correct the position of the 10 nails, the fillet of the root and the bending of the handle. Therefore, two standard platens with 5 holes are used to ensure the position of nails and the root fillet, and improve the service life of forging die.

Key points of mould design and manufacture

Generally, the bending die design only considers that the shape of the extruded blank is consistent with that of the forging. Due to the large difference in the thickness between the big end and the handle of the arm body, the handle of the bending billet will be suspended when it is put into the pre forging die. During the pre forging, the transition between the handle and the big head will be folded. Due to the suspension of the handle of the bending billet, the metal flow in this part is too large.

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